Choosing the Right Pond Pump


A pond is a great addition to any garden; it brings the soothing sounds of running water to your garden and gives you somewhere to gather with friends and family. There are many different types of ponds, and choosing the right type for you depends on what your goals might be. If you are looking to create a great meeting space, you’ll want a pond that is more visual than functional. If you want a pond where you can attract birds, you’ll need one that creates an environment for birds and the things they eat. That will mean growing flowers or vegetables to attract birds. Fortunately, the flowers and herbs that birds enjoy are also a great way to create a great visual for your garden. One of the most important aspects of creating a successful pond is choosing the right pump.

Pump Options

Choosing a pump involves determining what sort of needs you have as well as what sort of restrictions. There are pumps that are more passive than others. These pumps use the force of gravity to help you filter the water. A gravity-based pump is great for anyone who wanted to save money on the electrical bill. A traditional pump uses electricity to power a motor that then moves the water. If you want to cut down on that, you can use a gravity pump, which uses electricity to feed water up a shaft, but then gravity pulls the water back into the pond. That will greatly reduce energy costs. However, these pumps typically have to be partially out of the water for them to work effectively. If you want to cut down on visual disruptions, you can choose a traditional pump that is completely submerged. These pumps are underwater and use electricity to create the current that pulls them through the filter. Finally, there are fountain pumps.

As the name suggests, a fountain pump is one that uses electricity to force water into the air. They can be built to create different visual designs, but a simple arc of water is probably the most popular. Do you know what pump to get for your koi pond?

Pump Needs

Your pump needs to do three things; it needs to keep water moving, oxygenate the water, and filter the water. To oxygenate the water, it needs to expose the water to the air; this is also part of creating motion. Koi, like all fish, actually breathe oxygen. They have to extract the oxygen from the water, though; so keeping a lot of oxygen in the water helps keep your fish healthy. A typical pump does this simply by mixing water from the surface of the pond. However, you can increase the exposure to oxygen by installing a fountain pump. Since the pump will spray a smaller stream of water into the air, there is much greater surface area for oxygen to dissolve into the water. If you have a lot of fish in your pond, you might need a fountain pump to keep them all healthy.

Lastly, you need to filter the water so that there are not contaminants allowed to fester and decompose. That keeps your fish healthy and your pond looking great.

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