Choose the right option for a luxury bathroom:


A steam shower is perfect alternative to bathing, especially as it saves a lot of time.

A steam shower is a type of bathing where the steam is generated and produces water vapors that are dispersed around a human body. For a steam shower you essentially require a steam room. It is generally found in enclosed rooms that do not allow water vapors to spread in the whole room and thus protects your walls, paint and wallpaper. Steam has been utlised since the times of the Roman Empire. Roman baths served many social functions within the Roman society. These baths were supplied by underground water or natural hot springs.

Opt for right choice for luxuriessteam shower:

Space requirements: This is one important feature that most of the people fail to notice. Whether you are installing an open cabin or closed cabin, space requirement is one of the most important elements to keep in mind. If your bathroom is not spacious it is better to opt for sliding door as this saves a lot of space. Always remember the cabin should have a minimum dimension of 80 80cm. If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom you can remove your bath tub and can install a shower cabin but if you have enough space then install a shower cubicle along with your bath tub this will give a look of royalty to your bathroom.

Material used: This is another important factor that will add a new rich look to your bathroom. The doors are generally made of glass that can be transparent or matte. If your bathroom is not spacious use sliding doors. Single or double doors are used for large bathroom areas. Shower cubicles are not only limited to wood, tile, fiber glass, acrylic and stone. The pallets are made of synthetic material, artificial marble, ceramics, iron or steel. All these materials require proper maintenance.

Features of Steam Shower:

While making an option for a steam shower, these are certain features of these showers.

In comparison to standardshowers, modern steam showers come with many new and exciting features.One of the more tantalizing elements is the health benefits. Modern steam showers have foot massagers, television, CD players, hand free telephonesand aromatherapy options.They are also equipped with ceiling rain showers, body jets and feature inbuilt audio input for Mp3 players.


Benefits of Steam Showers:

A steam shower uses a steam generator,which produces water vapor and fills the cubicle to the desired temperature. The warm temperature then opens the skins pores and increases the body’s metabolism which results in sweating.

The effect of this heating above the normal temperature has many other physiological health benefits. Its helps to boost the immune system to fight diseases, eliminates many health issues, decreases pain in joints, muscles and nerves andincreases enzyme production. It alsohelps in muscle relaxation, disables and kills many harmful microbes, is beneficial to the skin, increases metabolic rate of nutrient assimilation, increase the production of white blood cells and increases blood flow to the capillaries that are near the surface of the skin.


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