Choose New Windows


Over the last decade window technologies have advanced considerably, and today only a new set of windows can make your house more energy efficient. This article contains key styles and features that you should think of when looking for new windows.

All windows have to be weather resistant it means that they ought to withstand heavy rains, strong winds, freezing ice and snow. After some years the windows get older and you might find some drafts which will be the sign that the time for replacement has come. If you see that there is no chance to repair your old windows – replace them cause they may lead to much bigger issues from simple water gaining to wall cavities.

So now let’s consider a few steps to buy new windows. The main thing you should determine is your personal needs, and after that your preferable design, also do not forget about budget and functions you want your windows to have.


Contemporary windows can be found in a variety of options: aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Wood frames are the most common choice for remodels and usually can be bought to match your old existing windows if you do not want to make the whole replacement. Wood offers your house a classic look and saves its original style.

Aluminum or vinyl shells are frequently used in more modern houses. Vinyl clad windows have a great line of colors so you can choose the one that fits your home best and they require much less maintenance as compared to wood windows, moreover, they do not require painting or repainting. With no doubt they look not as nice as wood windows, but they are much cheaper, and have better insulation qualities. Fiberglass composite windows are much stronger than vinyl ones, but they are slightly more expensive.


Today you can find a great variety of options but when choosing the glass type for your new windows think about the any specific application and your location to make selection process much easier.

Single-pane glass is suitable only for outbuildings and mild climates. Today it is almost not used at all. Double-pane windows have a specially sealed air space between the glass layers and they help to reduce heat loss. They also can be modified with low-E glass and inert gas windows which contain like argon for extra insulation qualities.

In case you live in a place which has extremely cold temperatures, you might think about triple-pane windows. As said in this article, windows are sealed with various gases, and the most common ones for triple sealed windows are argon and krypton. One triple-pane window can save you 2-3% on the heating bill as compared to double-pane window. But on the other hand their cost is 10-15% more.

Double and triple pane windows have also a very good level of sound insulation. They are frequently used for houses in urban areas or homes which face busy streets. Moreover, such better insulated windows are less likely to have any other issues as the interior glass of the window is closer to the room temperature. His fact helps owners to avoid foggy issues which take place when warm air meets cold window’s surface.

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