How to Choose Epoxy Flooring


Choosing epoxy as a garage floor covering offers numerous benefits to homeowners. One of the top benefits involves the way epoxy bonds with concrete surfaces through attractive polar forces.

This produces a strong bond that makes the concrete floor more resistant to wear from people and equipment. Epoxy floor coverings can create an attractive finish that is strong and durable.

A number of epoxy products are available, and choosing the right one for your application can be challenging. Here is some information to help you figure out which type of epoxy coating will work well for your particular situation.

Epoxy Flooring

Water-based Epoxy

As the name suggests, waterborne epoxy coating is a water-based epoxy solution. It is similar to paint, and is often seen advertised as paint. Easy to apply, this option is appealing for those who want to keep the project simple.

Many DIY individuals chose a water-based epoxy for this reason. Kits intended for single use applications of waterborne epoxy coating are often readily available at low prices.

Easy application, reasonable pricing, and wide availability all make water-based epoxy an appealing choice for covering garage floors. The downside is that this product is a lower quality floor covering compared to other types of epoxy coatings.

It may work well for low traffic areas, but another type of epoxy is a better choice if your garage floor needs more protection.

Commercial Options

Commercial grade epoxy coating provides much stronger protection and offers resistance to chemicals, stains, and abrasions. The top choice among this type of epoxy is 100% solids epoxy because its solids content is the highest.

This makes it tough enough to protect concrete floors from heavy machinery and pedestrian damage. Although initially more expensive than water-based epoxy, this high quality coating can provide better value long term.

With 100% solids epoxy, it is best to choose professional installation because this material is not designed for DIY application.


If you need heavy-duty protection for high traffic floors, consider using a topcoat. Applied to complement 100% solids epoxy, topcoats provide additional strength and durability.

These topcoats can be clear epoxy or polyurethane, both provide added stability and thickness. Paint chips can be added to the base coat to make the covering more durable. Topcoats also make your floor more visually appealing because they add texture and shine to the coating.

Making Your Decision

Epoxy makes a great choice for a garage floor covering. It can provide durable protection for concrete floors that is cost effective and attractive.

The type of epoxy floor you chose depends on a variety of factors including the amount and type of traffic the floor needs to withstand, cost, and finished look. Flooring experts can work with you to select an appropriate product for your situation and complete a flooring system that can withstand years of use.

Commercial grade flooring often costs less in the long run because of the minimal maintenance and durability associated with top quality products. Waterborne epoxy coating is the best choice for application by the homeowner because it is easy to use.

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