Choose a renovator: 4 indications for use prior to bid


Before discussing work with a home renovator, do not you think that a simple little evaluation would be better before making a submission or a request to meet with him in person?

Do not you find that in many cases we are not objective in the presence of people, but often our emotions and intentions are used by unscrupulous people to better manipulate us? The problem is not our emotions, but the others who try to take advantage of a situation to their advantage.

o make sure you avoid possible inconvenience during a meeting with a renovator, we invite you to discover four criteria or indications that may help you to know the credibility of a restorer before making a quote.

Choose a renovator 4 indications for use prior to bid

The four criteria for choosing a renovator before making a bid

You cannot predict in advance, behavior and the work of a restorer, but some clues can increase your confidence before making a quote.

Internet is clearly a reliable source of information, when you observe the elements which correspond to bring you the least amount of doubt and discover for yourself, important fact about the company or renovator.

Within a few minutes of searching, you will have the peace of mind to your own observations and not to listen to or read testimonials, which can easily be presented to deceive you.


It is not hard to find on the internet judgments against a renovator. You just have to know has its corporate name and personal name, then do a search on the government website.

Office of Consumer Protection

You can look at the UCI site to read the complaints about the renovations unfinished or of poor quality.

Social proof online

Do a search on Google by including, for example, the words “problems followed by the name of the reviver” (Reno GL problems) or complaints or any other word that says something that people do not like. If the results are apparent and do not give you confidence, then made a different choice of renovator.

Make another query on Google by entering “renovation forum” and choose forums that are most popular. Visit these forums and register their internet search engine (there is always a space at the top for that), who revived the name to see what some people have such experiences.

Look on their website to see if the renovator has pages on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin and so see the “likes”, the “shares” and comments.

Beware associations where the renovator may be a member because you only pay a registration to be part of the association. That proves nothing about the attitude and responsibility to give you satisfaction.

Evaluation of website Renovator

If the renovator does not have a website, so do not waste time with this kind of person who does not understand the importance these days, to have a website to better inform clients.

Look on their website for all the details, so for the presence of an address, a phone number and an email to find out where he lives and how to reach easily.

Look on the contact page or about to take note of the legal information of his company or his self-employment.

Look on their website to find out if a blog or information resources are available to better inform you, educate you in its field and make your decision.

Do not trust customer testimonials on their website because you will never have negative things written about him. Customer testimonials are one of the elements that are easily manipulated to make you believe that you have business with someone responsible.

Observe whether the renovator offers different solutions as well as other value-added benefits for the customer. In other words, ask yourself the question, why would I do business with this renovator, when there are hundreds of others like him who do that?

Look for the presence of a newsletter to inform its clients of all new products, promotions and news that may be useful in the future. The newsletter or newsletter is the brand tool to retain customers and do not forget them.

Do these four criteria regarding the history and observation of a renovator, you’ll be able to have peace of mind and make a quote to meet him. Once your internet assessment and the request sent, you will have to meet in person to choose your renovator to precise observations to understand it.

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