Checklist For Buying Your New Home


Buying a new home is exciting; it could be your first home or what you hope to be your final move.  The feelings are the same, excitement at the prospect of the adventure, the opportunity to explore a new house, area and experience new things.  You will probably also feel stressed as you go through the house buying and moving process; it is also an excellent opportunity to have a clear out of those items you have been hanging on to but don’t really need.

Before you can plan your move you need to locate the right property for your current and future needs.  This is a difficult process; the following tips will help you to find and buy your new home with as little stress and hassle as possible:

  • Budget

Before you can purchase any property you will need to know what you can afford!  The first step is to establish how much deposit you have; this can be savings or equity released from a current property.  The total value of the property you can purchase will depend upon how much you can borrow and this is income based.  You can get an idea of how much this will be by looking at an online mortgage calculator or by speaking to a financial advisor.

  • Locate the Property

Looking for the right property can take time, you need to locate the right area; its amenities and condition will affect the desirability, and consequently the price, of your chosen property.

  • Negotiating

Once you have fallen in love and chosen your property you will want to negotiate regarding the price of the property.  You should always start with a fixed upper limit in your mind.  Bid below your limit and below the asking price.  Any issues which need resolving on the property can be used to help negotiate the price downwards.  Most importantly, you must be prepared to walk away if the price is not right.

  • Mortgaging

You may have chosen your mortgage firm when considering your budget; if you did not then now is the time to find a mortgage firm and obtain a proposal in principle.  This will confirm the amount you can borrow and you can get the ball rolling on the actual purchase.  Much of this part will be handled by your law firm, your mortgage company and your real estate agent.

  • Moving Firm

Once you know that the move is going to happen you need to book a moving company, even if you are unable to provide an exact date for your move.  The firm should be based locally to where you are moving too.  For example, Marrins Mooving Firm are a Holly Springs movers – they will move you short or long distances but you will need to decide whether it is better to use them as your are moving into the area, or to use a firm local to the area you are moving out of.

  • Final checks

Finally, once the purchase is nearly completed you will need to, pay a final visit to ensure everything is as you expect it to be.  If it is nit then you should take the issues up immediately with your real estate agent.  If everything is okay you should be able to set a date for the move!


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