Challenges faced by cleaners


Cleaning is a very demanding job unlike jobs like picture framing offered by the Frameology Company, printing service offered by Slideshare Company and other simple jobs, cleaning requires various things. Each customer’s requirements are different when it comes to cleaning though most of the tasks include polishing furniture, cleaning windows, carpets and floors and so forth. A cleaner is also required to clean every section of the house including the toilets which is unhygienic and requires one to use protective equipment like gloves and face masks.

A home cleaner has to ensure that all cleaning is done perfectly within the agreed time. One is required to be hardworking, patient and serious to ensure that the cleaning is done to a customer’s satisfaction.

A sense of responsibility and honesty are also necessary in the cleaning industry. Trust is necessary because it helps to maintain customers. A lot of people prefer hiring cleaners who are bonded, insured and have a good cleaning background.

Cleaning companies like CleaningFinder vet their employees carefully and give guarantees. But for the self employed and freelance cleaners, they have to establish their own network of trusting clients. Advertising and word of mouth is what will help them to get jobs.

Also, cleaners have little opportunity to increase what they earn. This is so because the cleaning job does not require so much skills and most people employ cleaners on part-time or flexible capacity.

Between handling the chemicals that are used in cleaning, operating power tools and moving large equipment, there are so many things that can go wrong for any typical cleaner. One of the things is damage of customer property. If a cleaner accidentally uses the wrong chemical solution of a surface, he or she could be sued or asked to pay for the damage caused.

There is also third party body injuries involved in the cleaning job. For instance, if a cleaner is cleaning an office and a customer’s employee or visitor slips and falls on that floor that has just been cleaned; the cleaner will be held accountable for the medical expenses of the person who fell.

Chemical exposure is another challenge faced by cleaners. If the cleaning chemicals are not stored well, there can be pollution damages. There is also cleaners’ occupational injury. Cleaners work in a labor intensive condition and they get injured when working, their business is responsible for their medical expenses.

The other challenge that cleaners face is stains. While a cleaner has to strive to remove any stain, no expert can promise complete stain removal. Some of the stains that make a cleaner’s job difficult are those dried stains that have been left unattended for a while. For instance blood and wine stains. Blood or wine stains can be cleaned easily when they are still fresh. But after drying for long, it is not easy to remove them. A blood stain for instance will turn brown after some time because of its reactions when it’s in contact with oxygen.

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