Buying Best Quality Products from Wallpaper Store & Maintaining Them


Wallpapers give an attractive and different look to the room or an office place. They also tend to get dirty when exposed to air. Among all types of wallpapers, patterned wallpaper is prone to dirt and stains.

Primetime Paint & Paper

There is no need to worry, as the wallpaper cleaning process is easy and cost effective. The suitable cleaning technique depends mainly on the kinds of wallpaper you use. One should always verify with the manufacturer to understand steps for effective caring of wallpapers.

Types of Wallpaper Available In the Market

  • Vinyl Coated Wallpaper: They are fairly resistant to grease, water stains and easy to clean. Can be used for any area, but ideally should be used for children’s area, kitchen, bathroom or the laundry room. Scrubbing can be done with ease, but one should avoid using an abrasive cleanser, a pumice or coarse surfaced sponge on it.
  • Coated Fabric Wallpaper: This is one of the most popular wallpapers available. However, it is expensive and extremely prone to moisture and staining. Highly durable and should be avoided for bathroom, kitchen or children’s room.
  • Solid Vinyl Wallpaper: This kind of wallpaper can be easily used anywhere, but best for your playrooms, pet areas as they resist water and stain. Easy to wash and scrub.
  • Plain Paper Wallpaper: The most delicate version of wallpapers among all and should only be clean with soft cotton cloth or a soft sponge.

Tips To Clean the Wallpaper

By simply following these steps, you can make your wallpaper look clean and shinier as before. The cleaning process is now much easier and you do not have to spend any extra amount or penny. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer before cleaning the wallpaper for the first time.

The washable wallpapers can easily be washed using water and vinegar solution. Mix the two in equal quantity then use sponge for wiping dust. Then rinse the section and let it dry.

If the wallpapers are regularly cleaned by sponge then dust or stains will not destroy the beauty of the wallpapers and will give you a brighter look.

The maintenance of the wallpaper is inexpensive and easy. It is recommended that you should not use hard cleaners such as bleach or hard sponge. This may lead to wear and tear of the wallpaper. The Primetime Paint & Paper is available in many online stores.

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