Busy Mom’s Guide to Keeping Тheir Wheaton Illinois Home Spotless!


Staying on top of housework is hard enough, but if you’re battling kids every day to stay on top of things, house cleaning can feel like a losing battle. In an effort to combat both clutter and dirt, check out the suggestions below.

Staying Organized

Keeping your home organized requires finding a place for everything in your home and working out a time to organize. One simple step is to encourage kids of all ages to participate in their own organization.

Set up a collection point in your house beside the front door, or the door that everyone exits and enters before heading out into the world. Here, everyone will

  • drop off book bags from school or briefcases from work
  • leave their outdoor shoes and put on house slippers
  • hang up coats
  • open up their lunch kits

Once this process becomes habit, consider putting up a checklist. Questions such as “did the teacher send home any notes?” or “do you have any special programs or instructions this week?” can be considered so parents aren’t blindsided by the need for cupcakes or costumes. Also, this is a great spot to hang a calendar.

If homework or evening prep work need addressed, they can be worked from the collection point, and (most importantly) everything can be gathered back by the door for the morning.

Work In Bursts

It can be hard to find long stretches of time to clean, or to establish a solid cleaning schedule for a busy mom. Consider working in short, concentrated bursts of time to help get everything done. During this “work burst”, you can put on exercise clothes and grab a bottle of water. Set the timer on your phone or oven and go for it. Clean the space from top to bottom as hard and fast as you can. No TV or phone use allowed.

  • Sweep ceiling fan blades
  • Dust or wipe down surfaces (shelving and countertops), putting things away or in staging areas as you go
  • Sweep and mop the floor

If things get especially cluttered, work around the room twice. First, work counterclockwise and discard or put things away. Then work clockwise to clean the space.

Most importantly, once the hour is up, take a well-deserved break!

Staging Areas

Depending on the size of your house and the number of floors, you can save yourself a lot of house cleaning time by setting up staging areas and using tools such as baskets or totes. For families with lots of kids, consider getting a canvas tote in a different color for each child and sorting as you go. Once everything has been sorted, you’re ready to transport items easily to the room they belong.

Get Some Help

When your children are very little, a cleaning schedule for a busy mom might need to be ignored while you hire some help. Not everyone is comfortable with this, but you need your rest and may need to sleep when baby sleeps. Know your limits so you can be at your best for your family!

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