Building the Perfect Home Means Hiring the Right Builder


Few things are as exciting as building a new home. Let’s face it, designing your home so that it fits your needs perfectly, choosing flooring and wall coverings, and picking out furniture are a lot of fun. When we build a home, we get to choose what the end result will look like and make it our own. Building a home makes it more personalised so we know we will be happy with it in the end. This is why selecting the right builder is so important. These companies need to be experienced enough to give you what you want, and must be professional and knowledgeable so they can make suggestions and assist you in getting the perfect end product. Fortunately, this area has numerous builders who fit the bill, so choosing the right builder should be easy to do.

Not All Builders Are Alike

Builders are professionals, and they usually have a number of experts on staff to help you throughout the entire process of building your home. Many of them include designers and even finance experts who will assist you with all aspects of the home-building process. Most of them start with an initial, free consultation so that you can meet with them in person and ask about their credentials and their experience, and also to get a general idea of who they are. Then, they will discuss with you your thoughts regarding a home-building plan, which usually includes areas such as number of bedrooms, your home’s overall size and any amenities you’d like to add, such as a swimming pool. Most builders have a number of basic floor plans available, but will also adjust these plans if necessary in order to include things that you consider important. Or, they can start from scratch and custom-build your home entirely.


Once you get to this point, most builders will quote a price to you, and they will also work with you to make sure that quote is not too high. Adjustments can be made until an arrangement is made to suit both sides, at which point you can proceed to the actual building of the home. Christchurch builders always go through these basic steps, and they are all very customer service oriented. Remember, they are building you a home, so they want the final product to be as perfect as you do. After all, their names will be associated with that home for many years to come, so they want the house to be beautiful and memorable.

What to Ask Builders

When working with a potential builder, there are questions you should ask them before you sign anything, including:

  • How long have you been in business, and how many homes have you built?
  • Are there extra charges for custom-building a home?
  • Do you have designers who can help me decorate my new home?
  • Will the quote you give me change after I sign the contract?
  • What happens if I am dissatisfied with something after the home is built?

Interviewing builders is always a good rule to follow, and you should never sign on the dotted line until you find one whom you feel perfectly comfortable with.

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