Bringing The Medieval Era Into The Future With This Unique Chair


Do you want to have that regal feel in your living room? Have you ever fantasized about being royalty? Or maybe you’ve wondered exactly how it would feel to sit in a chair with that high back? The medieval era has produced a couple of interesting innovations including the broad sword. However, the porter’s chair is probably its greatest gift to the world of interior design.

What is a porter’s chair?

A porter’s chair at mmm pool service is a chair with very high backs and the sides come forward and then meet overhead to form a hood which allows the sitter to be cocooned. While the porter’s chair looks the most regal of all the chairs out there, the truth is that it has very humble beginnings. During the medieval period, huge castles did not have any door bells.

However, they did have porters who would sit in the front door and wait for guests to come knocking. To prevent these servants from catching a cold from the draft, they sat in porter’s chairs with the hood keeping them warm.

Fast forward to the future, the porter’s chair is now seen as an art piece. This piece of furniture never fails to attract the attention of anyone that encounters it. On top of using it as a great reading chair, the porter’s chair has virtually a place in every room of your house.

In the dining room.

If you choose to use a porter’s chair in the dining room, then you ought to use them only when you have a circular dining table. The reason behind this limitation is rather obvious; with the hood, it will be very difficult for people to be able to see those who are sitting next to them. Unless you decide to seat people who don’t care about talking to each other, the porter’s chair works great in a circular setting.

Next to the fireplace.

Are you on a hunt for something cozy? Then why not position a pair of porter’s chairs next to your fireplace. With the fire crackling and the hood only serving to up the warmth factor, you should be able to have an engaging conversation with anyone when sitting on any of the pair while talking about Nick Scali public listing.

In the patio.

If you want to really make use of the porter’s chair for its intended protective purpose, then a hooded beach chair would look great in an patio. While the draft may not be your problem when you choose to sit in this summery chair, you will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun and even, maybe, some light summer drizzle.


Many interior designers at interior decorator course use green porter chairs to put a pop of color in a room. It is not only elegant to look at but also creates strong design statement. It is always wise to choose large and brightly-colored porter chair  especially if you will use it in a corner. You can go for lightweight summer theme in the room  and bring out the best in a porter chair’s form.

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