Boiler Inspections and Maintenance Prevent Safety Issues


If a gas appliance such as a boiler is not regularly maintained, it can lead to danger – danger that can take the form of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fire, or an explosion. One of the significant safety concerns is related to the emission of carbon monoxide fumes.

Prevent a Leak or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Because you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, regular boiler servicing is crucial to your and your family’s well-being. Therefore, if you think that a routine boiler inspection is not essential, think again.

Scheduling an Inspection and Maintenance of Your Boiler

Annual servicing of your boiler will reduce this risk and the chance of future costly repairs. When the boiler is serviced, the work should be done by a Gas Safe-registered engineer. Also, when calling about a service, you will want to ask what it includes in the cost. All the basics should be covered during a check. In addition, ask that a written report be completed to show that an inspection was made.

What Is Included in a Check and Servicing?

Any boiler servicing in Milton Keynes should last a minimum of thirty minutes. If it takes less time for the engineer to service your boiler, you may wish to question the work that they carry out. A basic and thorough service check should include the following:

  • A visual examination of the boiler, including the flame
  • An internal and external check of the flue
  • An inspection of the heat input or operating pressure
  • Checking the boiler’s safety devices

Also, the boiler casing should be removed to inspect the main components of the boiler. These components include the following:

  • The burner
  • The heat exchanger
  • The spark or sensor probe
  • The main injector

The engineer should fire the boiler to check for faults and clean the components as well.

The above information covers a basic assessment and service call. Boilers come in various types. However, knowing what is involved in a routine check will enable you to stay on top of your boiler’s operations.

Ensure the Efficiency and Dependability of Your Boiler

Besides impacting your safety, avoiding regular service checks can also lead to problems with efficiency and dependability. For example, a boiler’s efficiency degrades over time. Older components can become clogged or damaged, causing a system to run slower.

During a check and maintenance call, the engineer will clean the system and replace any damaged parts. Therefore, making an effort in this respect will enhance your boiler’s efficiency and cut down on what you pay in energy costs.

Significantly Reduce the Chance of a Breakdown

Because a boiler runs at full capacity during the wintertime, there is a higher chance of a breakdown. However, if your boiler has been inspected and serviced, the extra strain on your boiler will be reduced. Consequently, servicing ensures that your boiler will run throughout the year.

If you own a gas boiler, the law requires that it is serviced by an engineer with a Gas Safe designation, and you can check their credentials on the website. If service is needed on an oil boiler, it should be conducted by an engineer that is registered with OFTEC (The Oil Firing Technical Association).

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