Best ways to prepare for the following summer!


Like most families, you will probably spend majority of your next summer on the porch or in the backyard. No matter the case, you should already start preparing yourself as there is no point in buying new stuff in July or August.

                The key thing about backyard fun is having a plan; you have to decide what you want to do and install everything ahead of time.

                Here are some things you should definitely add to your backyard so you can have a nice and comfy summer.

  1. Setting up children’s area

If you have small kids you know how important it is to have them nearby at all times. Brief loss of concentration and your child may end up who knows where doing God knows what.

                This is why you should create a play area. Besides the obvious fact that this will give kids something to do, it also persuades them to remain in one area during the day.

  1. Preparing your pool

Your pool will probably be in a good shape if you winterized it properly. Nevertheless, you should always check it before the next summer. This including spare parts and accessories (pool pumps, filters, ladders, etc.)

                Even if you had a pool cover, make sure that the pool is clean and that all the pipes are working nicely. Don’t compromise with your pump equipment too. Always make sure you use a durable pool pump such as Davey or Onga. 4 Pumps store is a nice place to begin from.

  1. Cover your patio

There are so many benefits to covering your patio and creating a seemingly protected area where you can relax without worrying about changing weather.

Naturally, first and biggest benefit is that covered patio allows you to stay outside for a much longer period of time. But, that is not all! You can also bring out TV and other electronic appliances outside knowing that they are totally safe from sudden rain.

  1. Decorate your poolside area

Having a pool is great by itself. However, there are some modifications that can make your outside experience even better.

One of the best things you can do is adding some plants and trees around the poolside. This will make you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise. That is not all. You should make a special area for tanning. Get some cover for your poolside furniture so that you’re not completely exposed to the sun.

Given that sunrays are getting stronger with each passing year, this is definitely something worth doing.

  1. Treehouse retreat

Treehouses are something that is popular among kids.

But, that doesn’t reduce the fact they are really fun. If you are a young and adventurous couple and you have a sturdy tree in your backyard, why don’t you consider creating a treehouse retreat?

Basically, all you need is some woodwork and you can create a magical getaway. You can add pillows and candles inside in order to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

  1. Cooking area

There is nothing worse than cooking certain meals during the summer. In certain cases, you will have to stay close to the oven (for example if you’re making crepes) and even if the space is air conditioned, you will probably start sweating.

As a good solution, you can create a cooking area in your backyard. This area can be a part of your patio especially if the patio is covered. Make sure that everything is in place and that your sources of electricity and water are well isolated and protected.

Last few words

As you can see, there are numerous fun things you can try out in your backyard. In the end, this is the great thing about it; it gives us so much freedom to try out stuff we cannot do inside of the house.

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