Best Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses


The Simmons Beautyrest brand offers a whole series ComforPedic of mattresses which are made out of memory foam with the latest technology. They have been in the market for 87 years and they have been evolving ever since and they have been using the latest technologies available. The newest technologies that the ComforPedic mattress collections by Beautyrest features are the following:

Air cool memory foam: This kind of foam responses more quickly when you toss and turn. At the same time it disperses heat to make sure that you get the best sleeping temperature and what is more it relieves pressure points.

Micro GelTouch: The gel touch beads are inserted all through the memory of foam and they provide with extra cooling and better comfort. Here bio poly merics are hundreds of sculpted buffers and each one of them individually responds to your body shape and to your movement for better support.

TruTemp Technology: The gel touch beads are full of space age technology which is called TruTemp which helps with the regulation of the sleeping temperature. This helps you to avoid getting too hot in the middle of the night and it provides you with the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night. Read more information about top mattresses, the best memory foam mattress toppers, mattress buying guide, reviews on mmmpoolservice.

With the Simmons Beautyrest ComforPedic mattresses you will be able to turn and toss as much as you want and at the same time you will have a great back support which helps you obtain the appropriate sleeping posture. The AirCool Design features a ventilated edge system which provides you with a cooler and more comfortable sleeping surface.

The ComforPedic collection offers different the best memory foam mattresses, but we have chosen the best ones that are worth your money.

Simmons ComforPedic Alive

This mattress features Advanced AirCool memory foam which boosts airflow to reduce heat and provides with a quicker recovery. It also features Micro GelTouch for better comfort. The TruTemp Gel Technology is enclosed in the gel beads and it provides the beads with the ability to absorb, release and store warmth that will help you maintain the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night. It also features the sculpted cushions which independently move to provide you with the necessary support. This mattress has a Transflexion Core which provides you with consistent support and comfort, and increases the production of airflow. This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and you do not need to rotate or flip your mattress ever.

Simmons ComforPedic Phenom

This is the best and can be seen at only weld, softest memory foam mattress in this series. It features advanced NXG Memory Foam which relieves pressure points and provides you with the perfect sleeping. It also features a Transflexion foam core which does not need time to soften when you first buy the mattress, so you will have a perfect good night’s sleep on your very first night. Some other features that this mattress has the Slow Recovery Latex Foam, the Gradient Edge which provides with supportive edges and a removable cover. It is 12 inches thick. This mattress comes with a 25 year warranty.

Simmons ComforPedic Plush

This mattress provides the perfect support and cooling technology which offer a comfortable sleeping surface. There is no need to flip or rotate this mattress because it features an independent support technology which provides you with quick recovery and consistent feel. This mattress features the TruTemp technology which is incorporated in the AirCool memory foam which provides you with the perfect sleeping temperature and reduces pressure points. It also features the AirCool edge and mash border which provides you with support when sitting on the edge of the bed. It also comes with an EvenLoft cover that provides smooth surface while following the contours of your body and reducing motion transfer. This mattress comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

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