Best Guide to Buying Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes are custom built to the specification and desire of an individual. These wardrobes are necessary to  make your house look great while a standing wardrobe may not be so good for the design of the space. Aside from their practicality, intrinsically wardrobes may be made-to-order to go with the inside style and colours of your bedroom. You’ll be able to select from many models of doors: pivoting, folding or sliding. All 3 models have their pros and cons, and you ought to decide which kind can best fit your home.  Other than your home, fitted wardrobes also are utilized in offices that need various spaces to neatly keep  documents and for file storage.Fitted Wardrobes

THE 3 MAIN forms of custom Wardrobes are:

Full body custom Wardrobes

A base, top, two-sides, and a back panel determine this kind of wardrobe. Once the doors are opened, a lined wardrobe interior is exposed. A number of the benefits are fast and straightforward instalment, a sealed cupboard interior, and straightforward to dismantle. However, this fitted style isn’t fitted to sloping ceilings.

Frame Construction custom Wardrobe

Frame created fitted wardrobes have a floor, however, no backing panel or facet. Moreover, it may be engineered from floor to ceiling at varying distances from the rear wall. This has simple access to storage and nice style for under-sloping ceilings.

Sliding Door custom Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes with sliders are typically created as a basic frame with no backing panel. The inside is then created as a body article of furniture and placed behind the sliding doors. Benefits include utilities for restricted areas, slightly cheaper than alternative fitted wardrobes and straightforward style.


When selecting your fitted wardrobe, ensure to pick out the simplest quality materials and also the most modern productive ways to ensure that your new wardrobe is exactly to your specifications. Good materials can last for a very long  time. Typical wardrobe materials embody plyboard, alkali sided boards, glass, painted wood and medium density wallboard.

The cost of a fitted wardrobe can be much higher that the regular ones. However, the benefits justify such cost if all you want is quality and you want optimal use of your space.

A tailored fitted wardrobe is custom-made for your space by taking measurements of even the foremost awkward areas out there – even around established options like overhang.

Amazingly, you’ll be able to increase your cupboard space by 35-65% with a fitted robe compared to  a generic, freestanding one. You’ll be able to additionally add helpful tailored options like safes, folding work tables and even mirrors.

Another nice advantage of fitted wardrobes is you’ll be able to maximise  your floor space and not let any areas of the room go to waste – whether or not it’s an attic space with sloping ceilings or an unusually formed room with innumerable alcoves. However, fitted wardrobes are not only for rooms with too many  nooks and crannies. They additionally add an incredible designer to master bedrooms, visitor bedrooms and even kids’ bedrooms.

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