Best floor to live on in apartment building


When people are planning to buy real estate, they are very much concerned about proximity to other places, locality, society and other such factors. But there are some secondary factors to look up before buying a flat. The floor on which you live will have a huge effect on your private as well as social life. So which floor is the best to go for? Be it any floor, each of the bottom, middle and top floor has its own pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for topmost floor of the building

Flats which are on the top floor are less prone to cases of theft as they are not easily accessible by unknown people. As there are not more flats above yours, you are saved from unwanted noise and instability. These floors are the best during winter season as hot air is always there near such floor. So people residing here are saved from excess cold. One of the best factors here is that you can see the entire city from here. Since your flat is at a sufficient height, direct sunlight falls on the balconies.


But think before you invest on a flat on the topmost floor because you will have to sustain some problems too. When you are shifting to a new flat on the top most floor of the building, you will have to move all the goods and furniture all the way to the top floor which is a very tedious job. To top it all hot air rises up frequently. For instance, if you are living in a property in Lucknow, you will witness high temperature there during a summer which is not good for your health. This will compel you to install air-conditioners in each room which will shoot up electricity bills considerably. Although you are on the topmost floor, there are people residing below your floor and care is to be taken at times.

Advantages and disadvantages of living on the middle floor

Many of the buyers prefer to live on the middle floor so as to save them from excess heat and get a good view of the society. You don’t have to spend much on air-conditioners here because your place remains cool even during summers. This leads to a low electricity bill. Other than this, if you are living on first floor and above then you will be saved from unwanted noise and less foot traffic is added benefit. At times, when your lift is not functioning properly, you can use stairs as climbing one or two floors once in a while is not a big deal.

One of the most disturbing factors is that you have neighbors everywhere around your flat. You might not get seasonal breaks from heating and cooling costs. At times you might not get required sunlight and air passage regularly. This can lead to irritation at times. Buying groceries and taking them all the way to second or third floor is not an easy task since you are already tired of shopping.

Thus, it is very difficult to make the right decision when it comes to buying a flat on a particular floor. Go by your instincts and decide as per your convenience. At the end, it all depends on your way of living and priorities.

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