The Benefits of Skip Hire Services


In most cases, when you’ve got rubbish to throw away, your normal bin will do the job just fine. However, there are plenty of instances where you’ll need a larger, more convenient solution. Whether you’re giving your house a thorough clear-out, or if you are moving offices and throwing away your old furnishings, black bags just won’t cut it. But you don’t need to go through all the hassle of multiple trips to the dump- instead, skip hire means you won’t have to travel further than a few feet from your door to dispose of all that rubbish.  While we think it’s the obvious solution to your waste-related woes, maybe you aren’t fully sold on the idea just yet. To help you make the right decision, read on to learn more about just some of the many benefits to skip hire.

Safety First

If you’re having to lift lots of heavy objects into a bin by yourself, then you could well end up getting hurt. That’s all the more true for any waste with sharp or pointy edges- the last thing you want when you’re having a clear out is to have to take a trip to A&E. With skip hire, though, all you need to do is chuck your rubbish in the skip, and let the hire company handle the rest. Their staff will be fully trained in how to dispose of rubbish safely, so you can rest assured that no one will get hurt.

Go Green

When you put your rubbish out for the binmen, then it’s almost certain that it will end up in landfill- not the best solution for the environment. Often there will be things that could be recycled mixed up with the rest, but they simply won’t be if they are wrapped up in a bin bag with other waste. On the other hand, skip hire companies have to carefully abide by a set of rules and regulations that aim to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill unnecessarily. They’ll sort through everything you throw out and dispose of everything in its proper place. You get to have a cleaner conscience, but you don’t have to do anything for the privilege- result!


By far the biggest advantage of skip hire is that it’s much more convenient for you, the end user. As we mentioned earlier, having a single skip which you can dispose everything into means you don’t have to worry about taking anything to the dump, and it will therefore help you to get through the job at hand a lot faster. You don’t even need to worry about transporting the skip itself- providers like The Skip Company will drop off and collect the skip for you. In fact, The Skip Company have a network of warehouses all across the country, which means they can even deliver your skip to you super-fast. That’s perfect for when you’re in a pinch and need a quick solution to your worries!

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