The Benefits of a Resin Bonded Driveway for your Home


Driveway improvements is a big part in home renovation or re-modeling. It is popular to get that done to perfection since it is the very start of the premises of your house. Driveways are maintained for not only parking but for walks or just making it a feature of the house. Since it plays such an important role in the outlook of your house you must think every side to it before getting it installed. Nowadays, resin bounded driveways are very popular and are being used in many houses. The benefits it gives are many a few of them are provided below.


One of the features it offers is the permeability. It doesn’t let water stand on it and due to its enhanced structure it lets the water absorbed and then drained from the lower side. This is very important for areas that receive constant rainfalls since water run-offs and water standings can cause slippery surfaces and thus lead to accidents.


Apart from being technically useful the resin is pleasing. It is sustainable, decorative, versatile and practical. It has many colors and styles, with different textures including modern, traditional, heritage and listing it provides the biggest variety. It is thus preferred since it doesn’t bound you with the choice of combination. The design flexibility and the finish look is what makes it distinguished.


It is there and the same irrespective to the season. No weather conditions alter the physics of the material. It doesn’t freeze in winter, soften in summer or fade in sunlight. If this is compared to asphalt, asphalt does soften in the summer leaving marks, freezes in winter causing trouble for people who are to drive on it or even walk and it is decolorized by the UV rays from the sun. Resin is thus resistant against all these changes in weather.


When compared to all the other materials resin gives the best output. How so? Resin if installed and maintained the way it should be will provide you 25 years of ease. The guarantees are there for 10-18 years which the contractor himself offers but the real life of the resin is greater. Although concrete gives the same amount of years it does limit the user with the design and styles. Same is the case with asphalt but asphalt also gives less years than resin but the design issue is still there.

Minimal Maintenance:

Whenever installation or modeling is being done a person always looks for materials that would require him to provide minimum maintenance. This is to make sure they don’t have to do much work once the material is installed. Resin is the best choice for them. It doesn’t give weed or stone problems. It just requires regular cleaning which will reduce any chance of mold or algae growth.

Faster installation:

It is known to be one-third quicker than the rest of the materials. It can be laid directly over a previous installation without any issues. To know more about the resin bounded driveway click here.

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