What are the benefits of having pure water in your tap?


Knowing why it’s important to have pure clean drinking water in your house is not really something that needs discussion. The question is more about the benefits of having pure water coming directly from your tap. Is it worth getting an undersink water filter, for example?


The most obvious benefit from having on-tap clean water is the convenience. It’s right there when you need it. Those jug filters are fine as long as you remember to keep them filled up, and don’t mind waiting while the water trickles through the filter cartridge.

For even more convenience, you can take a step past the single-tap filter and go with a whole-house system instead. That way, you have clean filtered water at every tap in your house.

Not Just Taps

Depending on the issues with your water, you might want to remember that you are exposing yourself to chemicals or bacteria when you shower or even wash your clothes in impure water. It’s not only the drinking water that is at risk.

You should be aware of all your water-using appliances as well as the usual taps and fixtures. Dishwasher, washing machine and even a plumbed-in refrigerator water dispenser will now have filtered water. In fact, even your outside spigots would have cleaner water which might be a nice added benefit for your garden.

Hot Water Too

With the jug system, you’re supposed to store it in the fridge to keep it fresh and ready to drink. So what if you want warm or hot water? While it’s not that huge a deal to pour the water out of the jug to be heated up in a kettle or the microwave, it is a lot more work than necessary. It’s also a waste of energy to cool the water down just to heat it back up.

With a filter on your tap, that means you can just run hot water whenever you need it and it’s just as clean as the cold stuff in the fridge.

Your Options

As we’ve discussed, you can either add filters to each individual tap or go for a larger system that cleans up the water for the entire house. Either one will put clean water at your fingertips. Small units are literally just screwed in at the end of the tap for very basic and inexpensive filtering, or you can try a larger model that either mounts under the sink or just sits there on the counter next to the sink. Both of these types of filters are very simple to install and shouldn’t require a professional to help you.

Whole house units are usually more sophisticated as well as simply larger, and can filter out more contaminants than the smaller versions. You’ll probably need a plumber to put one in. If you are concerned about your household water quality and have the budget for, this might be the best way to go. Either way, filtered water right at the tap has plenty of benefits.


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