Bathroom Renovation Guide


Before heading to a building supplies store to choose your favorite color of tiles and sink, wait a minute and read this bathroom-planning guide.

Bathroom renovation is tough work. It consumes a lot more time than you think. It is also quite expensive work to do. I am sure that nobody wants to waste their money and time. Here is some guidance for people who are planning to redesign their bathroom.

1. Plan Your Budget


The first thing to do before renovating your bathroom is budget planning. Decide how much you want to spend and know your limitations. This can help a lot when making decisions on a contractor or choosing tiles and bathroom supplies. Renovating without any prior planning can end up with you spending ‘too much’ on your bathroom.


2. Schedule Date & Time


Do not assume that it will only take a week or two to finish renovating. Bathrooms will have a lot of work to be done especially if you change everything in there. With plumbing, ordering items, tile work, building and decorating, it can take up to a month or even several months to finish. Plan yourself to be free around that time because you need to go to buy bathroom supplies for your contractor. Make sure everything is ready for when your contractor needs it.


3. Design Your Bathroom


Design the look of your bathroom; what do you want it to be like? Research styles from interior magazines or the Internet. There are many popular styles that are normally used for bathrooms such as all white, luxurious, classic, modern, wooden, or Asian style. Choose the one that you will not get bored of, as you have to use it everyday. Keep the shades of colour in your mind and start to design the colour of paint, tiles, vanities, sink, showers, and tub.


Choose the items you want to have in your bathroom. Try to imagine that you are actually using the bathroom whilst planning to have the most utility.

Know the size of your bathroom, location of plumbing pipes and electric wires so you know where to put the toilet and the rest. Tell the contractor if you want to change or install the lighting area, so that they can deal with the wires.


4. Hire A Bathroom Renovator


Bathroom fitting is not work you can do by yourself, it requires professionals to make the water and toilet waste flow effectively without leaving odours in your bathroom. Hire Sydney bathroom renovators to handle it for you.

As I mentioned before, the work requires professionals so look for the ones with good profiles. Ask your neighbours or friends if they know any professional local bathroom renovators.

After you have chosen your contractor, tell them your desires. Send a size of your bathroom and a new design to them to get a ‘back-of-the-envelope’ calculation. Clearly communicate with your contractor and make sure they understand what you want. You do not want to spend more to redo everything all over again.

You may have to buy supplies for your contractor when they need. I recommend you to go to several building supplier shops beforehand to find things you like and remember to take your bathroom size, color shades and a rough design with you.

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