Asetti – Pioneers of The Super Home


In the world of luxury design a new design team has single handedly created the Super Home. Luxury is what they love to do and they certainly do it well.

Asetti are highly gifted group of enthusiastic architects and interior designers. Since their creation 5 years ago their proven track record is unquestionable. They provide an exemplary service and their imagination seems endless. If it’s a luxury home you are looking to design and build, you could not wrong with these guys.

Founded by Chris Asetti, the Asetti design group has surged ahead with a whole catalogue of amazing luxury properties. They range from the large luxurious villas to epic super homes. Wild modern designs, unique concepts and immersed in unadulterated creativity.

From humble beginnings of one guys dream and imagination, they have developed over the years to produce some spectacular homes. Each different, each with its own style and ambiance. Always with the environment in mind, new energy saving technology but in keeping with the best that luxury has to offer.

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“Utopia” – Spectacular James Bond Style Super Home

In 2014 they were challenged to create a super home to outmatch any that they had done before. Six months later Utopia was completed. A design now often referred to as The James Bond house.

15,000 square metres of pure luxury and out of the ball park design.

Waterfalls, pyramid with interior tropical garden, vast dome with Sky Bridge, floating walkways, alternative energy systems, revolving sphere, tropical pools, spiral staircases, glass lifts and water features that can only be described as stunning. It set the bar high and is now considered to be the most innovative super homes ever created.

Yet Not All Designs Are so Large !

But not all designs are so enormous in size. Asetti create what the client wants, take ideas from them and develop it over many months of pain stating creativity. They have designed luxury homes for a whole number of international clients looking for something special.

Recent works include an Italian Palazzo Villa, a new themed Casino and Hotel Development in Laos, a 1,000 sqm luxury modern home, a spectacular cliff edge curved minimalist fashion home and a whole host of other amazing properties.

In England they say “my home is my castle” and Asetti certainly believe in that, showing enormous care in helping each client every step of the way. If you’re looking for the wow factor, or even just to design your family home; then Asetti guarantee results

Harmony and Atlantis

Recently I was lucky enough to be shown a glimpse of what is to come. Asetti are working on many homes including two world class properties: The first being an incredible 2000 sqm luxurious Thai villa. This beautiful tropical home seems to float on a series of interconnecting lotus ponds and can only be described as paradise. The Floating Villa has so many amazing features including 2 pools, Naga head fountains, wooden walkways, Fire pillars and giant lotus sculptures. It really is awesome.

And if this was not enough to whet anyone’s appetite for the spectacular, then the new Atlantis house surely will. It started as an idea based on the triple spiral or triskele. It is one of the main symbols seen in Celtic culture, dating back as far as 750 BC, often standing for the “three realms” – Land, Sea and Sky. It’s meaning varies according to interpretation and its source but includes: Spirit, Mind, Body, Mother, Father, Child Past, Present, Future Power, Intellect, Love.

Today, many people will recognise the triple spiral as it is widely seen in Jewelry, fashion and tattoo design.

From these initial root ideas, Atlantis was created. It is a luxury, super home design with 10 bedrooms, 12 luxury spa bathrooms, glass elevator, spiral staircase, floating staircase, tropical wall aquariums, outside deck bar, Jacuzzi, Koi Carp ponds, waterfall, lotus ponds, secret boat dock, underground parking, lagoon swimming pool with glass infinity edge, Movie theatre, high tech office, specious living areas, full smart home automation with security systems. The design is cutting edge yet steeped in mystical thinking.

Asetti continue to climb higher levels with respect for their clients, humility and massive quantities of imagination. A luxury brand sure to continue to grow.

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