Asbestos in Australia: The Ticking Time Bomb


One of the greatest travesties in the construction industry in Australia was the widespread use of asbestos building products throughout the country. The fact that this continued up until 1985, despite strong evidence gathered overseas that asbestos caused fatal illnesses, is a blight upon Australian history. In fact, the use of asbestos products was so common, accepted, and widespread that many buildings that are considered dangerous for human habitation still stand throughout the country. This includes both commercial and domestic buildings.

Where the asbestos is bound by other materials, or is otherwise not exposed, the problem is that any DIY or renovation work can simply dislodge it, expose it to the air, or cut it and release the deadly fibres and make them airborne. Given the proliferation of home and building renovations performed in Australia every day by people who are not qualified to recognise the dangers of the material or even the existence of it in their homes, asbestos becomes a very real danger and a ticking time bomb throughout the country. Indeed, many people are of the opinion that we are yet to see the second wave of asbestos-related diseases truly hit the health of the nation.

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Removing Asbestos Safely

Asbestos is a very dangerous material and inhaling it can prove fatal for both animals and humans over time. Devastating lung diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis are not only prevalent in those who had worked closely with asbestos products, but are also likely for those amateur home renovators cutting through asbestos materials without knowledge or without calling upon experts to remove it.

Given the dangers of inhaling asbestos fibres, it is absolutely vital that any asbestos products be removed by qualified experts wherever it is recognised. The major stumbling block is that people with little knowledge often bury it themselves, wet and then concrete over it, or simply load it onto a ute and dump it locally or on another property further away. The latter Is not only dangerous for those near the dumping site but also highly illegal. Here is what a team of qualified asbestos removal specialists, like PROAS, will offer:

  • Experience: Identifying and removing asbestos products is a matter of experience. Experts in this field will be able to identify immediately whether a substance is asbestos, whether it contains asbestos, what type of asbestos it contains (blue or white), how lethal it may be, and what sort of hazard it poses.
  • Equipment: When asbestos needs to be removed there is no playing around. It is a dangerous material and needs to be treated and removed with great care. Qualified experts wear the appropriate protective gear including gloves, boots, and protective suits that guard against the inhalation of any stray asbestos fibres in the air.
  • Removal: Experts will be able to remove all asbestos products safely and dispose of them safely.

Your Health and Asbestos

If you think that your home might contain asbestos material, it is worth having it evaluated by experts. Before renovating or working with material that you think might contain asbestos, always call qualified experts to assess and remove it. Asbestos is a dangerous substance and no one should take his or her health lightly around it!

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