The Artistry of Alteration – 7 Tips For Upcycling Your Kitchen Decor


The dream kitchen has been just that for too long, a dream.

However, upcycling your kitchen is easier than you think and can be achieved with a few simple design features. No need to start from scratch, but rather, implementing pre-loved items and tweak the existing to suit your needs is a fantastic and fulfilling alternative. It’s about time you gave your kitchen the love it deserved gave the decor a much needed makeover.

  1. Lighting is everything 

Natural light should be incorporated as often as possible, especially when it comes to your kitchen. Using a sheer curtain fabric will soften the glare and light flowing through making it a dreamy place to be. If your kitchen windows are much larger you may want to opt for a slightly heavier curtain fabric to afford you some privacy.

  1. Mix your textures

Marble, steel and wood.

The materials of any great kitchen and a great way to upcycle your kitchen. Don’t believe you are locked into one material or texture, the best upcycled kitchens are those that are daring and incorporate all styles harmoniously. Don’t be afraid to mix the status quo and add a mahogany bench top with a glass covering, or a steel kitchen table with concrete compliments.

  1. Bring nature inside 

The kitchen and the garden go hand in hand, so why not bridge the gap and bring those leafy friends inside. A crawling vine over the sink is the perfect morning welcome when making a tea. Potted herbs and surrounding succulents will give a homely touch, and make cooking that much easier. Tall ferns are another nice touch and the size of the plant will be immediately noticeable and give a tropical vibe.

  1. Get some colour 

Most kitchens are white, with a variation of white.

But a healthy splash of colour goes a long way in bringing life to your new kitchen. Whether it is in the form of a feature wall, a splash back or even your appliances, this colour pop will make your kitchen memorable and seem that much more designer.

  1. Art vibes 

Give your kitchen a taste of you with a piece of art that represents who you are.

Whether it is a piece that you created yourself or sourced locally, the addition of art will make the kitchen yours and inspire creativity in your cooking creations. As the art will be sourced for the kitchen, see if you can’t look for food specific art, it might be a good starting place if you are not sure yet what you like.

  1. Storage is key 

Cupboard space is a must on most people’s kitchen wish list.

With that said, storage doesn’t need to conform to traditional styles. Hiding your utensils, pots and pans is a thing of the past. Great kitchen decor is all about making the most of the space available. Try incorporating hanging storage points under cupboards. Get those utensils out of the draw and into the air. If you have an island bench or breakfast bar, use the space underneath to build in shelving.

  1. Open-plan living 

The kitchen is a communal place for friends and family and is the unofficial congregation place for the home. When upcycling your new kitchen, keep this in mind and place a large focus on kitchen seating that flows into the dining or lounge. It might be as simple as a few stools around the breakfast bar.

The bedroom and lounge are often what comes to mind when considering upcycled decor, but the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and is where the real magic happens. Do your research and optimize the strengths of your kitchen space.


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