Are You Planning For Home Lift – Let’s Make A Checklist


A home lift is more dexterous and exquisite than a stair lift and definitely looks good in your house with any type of staircase. A large number of people in the UK prefer home lifts and getting them installed. It is a dignified platform designed to increase the value and convenience of your home.

These lifts design are so efficient that it can fit into a home with less or limited space. A far-reaching range of interior and exterior finish makes sure that the lift will fit into every ambience. The lifts are helpful in moving the people and goods easily over two or more floors without any trouble making them a comfortable part of everyone’s day-to-day life.

How much a home lift costs?

The cost of home lifts can extremely vary and when you are in the market it is important to look all the factors and components that help in deciding its cost. For example, the lift company and how they put their quotation etc. There are four common types of domestic lifts installed in the UK:

  1. Cost of Hydraulic Home Lift: Hydraulic lift requires a lot of space for installation and a separate room for apparatus. Its machinery work with the help of a pump that inserts hydraulic fluid into the jack and the lift is pulled up and down at its bottom by a piston. This lift requires regular maintenance and consumes more materials than any other lift version that results in a high price for a long period of time. On an average, these lifts cost around £23,000-£28,000 based on their installation.
  2. Cost of Traction Home Lift: This type of lift is generally more costly than the hydraulic lift. A traction lift costs much more in maintenance as the replacement of cables is required in every five years. It goes up and down using cables and counterweight. Riding on it is not as smooth as in other lifts. Its basic installation cost is around £28,000 to £30,000.
  3. Cost of Vacuum home lift: This lift design is self-adjusting with the gap of air-pressure above and below the lift which helps in moving the passenger by air. The cost of installing a vacuum lift starts from £28,000.
  4. Cost of Non-Hydraulic home Lift: This type of lift moves from self-supporting bars and do not require any load-bearing walls. Other than this, this lift does not require a lift shaft or a separate room for apparatus. It passes through the ceiling in the roof that is of major consideration. It is economical than any other lift variants and the starting cost based on installation is as low as £15,000.

Before taking the decision, you need to figure out that how much a home lift costs so that you would be able to make a right decision.

Factors that affect the cost of home lifts:

  • Size of the lift: The lift size plays a primary role in deciding its price. A smaller cab is always cost less than the bigger one.
  • Lift’s Drive System: The drive machinery is very crucial in deciding the price of the lift. A traditional elevator that requires a pit, a separate machine room and cables etc cost more than a hydraulic lift.
  • Style of the lift: The design of your lift is also an important factor in deciding its price. Huge technicalities and heavy details are not cheap.

Elevators are not cheap. You should make sure before going for an installation that what you and your family needs. Consider every minute thing before choosing a foolproof home lift.

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