Are There Any Effective Ways To Prevent Dry Rot At Your Place?


Before starting our discussion regarding ways and means to prevent dry rot at any place, first of all we need to know what exactly dry rot is. It is the damage caused to the wood due to attack of certain type of fungus. Dry rot is mainly found in the wooden surfaces, structures or surfaces adjoining it. The growth of fungus in the wood is triggered due to high humidity or moisture content in the wood. The latter condition may arise as a result of numerous contributing factors. Dry rot is comparable to destruction or damage caused to the wood or the wooden surfaces/structures due to attack of termite.

The wood keeps on deteriorating at an alarming rate causing vast scale damage. Even sometimes there is complete destruction of the wooden structures or surfaces and these may ultimately fall down. But such a situation can be prevented provided apt measures are taken to make sure that wood is kept free of humidity or the moisture content. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent occurrence of dry rot at your place.

Dry Rot

Make arrangement for proper ventilation or air circulation- Since humidity is the biggest contributing factor for dry rot therefore you must ensure that the level of humidity is kept under check inside your property. It can be done by making all arrangements for proper circulation of the air throughout your place so that the same may not get obstructed at any point. It helps in keeping the wooden structures or surfaces protected against the attack of dry rot.

Insulation works wonders- Proper insulation of your place with the help of relevant devices also keeps dry rot at bay. The best way to insulate your property is to use the same along the attic floor. As a consequent of this, the chances of occurrence of dry rot are completely ruled out.

Prevent water stagnation- As stated above; water content is also responsible for occurrence of dry rot. Therefore you must keep your place free of any water stagnation and particularly in the small holes or spaces. It is best possible by ensuring proper drainage all through your property. Water should not be allowed to stagnate anywhere if you wish to prevent dry rot.

Use of fungicides- Since dry rot is chiefly caused due to attack of certain fungi on the wood and wooden surfaces therefore you may use fungicides to kill any fungus in the wood. Even it helps in prevention of fungal growth. As an instance, borate may be used to serve this purpose. It is one of the most excellent and commonly used fungicides for control and prevention of dry rot.

Do away with excess of moisture- Although certain level of moisture is definitely required in the property however excess of moisture is bad for the wooden structures. Make all arrangements to keep the wooden structures and the areas surrounding the same dry and free of moisture.

The ways or means mentioned above prove to be quite effective and useful in the long run to prevent dry rot. You may also utilize the same to keep your place protected against dry rot.

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