Amaze Your Guests Even Before They Reach Your Door: Top Outdoor Wall Fountains For 2016


Doesn’t it soothe you when you think about a rocky area with a little stream of clear water running in between, with its sound charming its way into your ears and dripping into your senses like Mother Nature has put a spell on you?

Whatever paradise kind of picture came to your mind, imagine that in your own backyard! Yes, it is possible with the classy, stylish yet so very humbling Outdoor Wall Fountains.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

Here are the Top Outdoor Wall Fountains for 2016:

  1. Bavarian Wall Fountain

This is a beautiful fountain, the design of which has been inspired by classic styles. It has semicircular tiers and basins. There are two hanging levels where the water drops from above and spills into a beautiful spread.

  1. Lion Head Wall Fountain

This has a flat back and hence goes very well when set against a garden wall, in patios, or in a courtyard. Available in 35 different finishes, this fountain is made of highly tensile cast stone.

  1. Moderne Garden Fountain

Standing at a fraction lower than 5 feet, this simplistic beauty captures everyone’s attention. There is a little light fixed at the bottom so that the water seems to be sparkling even at night.

  1. Cherub Wall Fountain

If you have a knack for the finer things in life, this one is for you. It has beautiful designs done in great detail. Sculptures of two angels playing their horns, from which water pours down on the head of a lion and another stream of water rush out from the mouth of the lion and falls into the classy basin.

  1. Falling diamonds outdoor wall fountain

There are LED lights on the back of this beauty to create a splendid display of water pouring down into an enclosed basin and further spilling into the basin at the base. This one is sure to enhance the beauty of your yard up to a thousand times.

  1. Lion wall outdoor fountain

This one is a classic. A lion’s head with water flowing out of its mouth. If you are unsure about what to buy, choose this.

  1. St. Aubin Water fountain

This looks like an inspiration from the Southern French architecture. Stone wall with a designed circle on it and a water stream rushing out from the centre of that circle. Its beauty is in the uneven edges that it has.

  1. X3 Garden wall fountains

This is a modern design. Solid blocks forming a basin on a wall with three separate water outlets placed parallel side by side. It is strange that something so simple can look so gorgeous.

  1. Estancia Outdoor wall fountain

A touch of European architectural style haunts this one, with two basins below the water centered outlet, this is truly beautiful.

  1. New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain

The body of this one is made to look vintage. It is a marvelous display for any garden or patio.

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