Air Conditioning: 3 hidden mysteries


In this day and age, not having an air conditioning system inside your home is certainly not the norm. Many people view air conditioning as a “nice to have”, but in a heatwave, it has a more critical role to play.The temperatures over 25C begin to have an impact on people’s health.These  serious consequences on human life and health make the smart use of air conditioning very important. And it makes a good air conditioning system a worthwhile investment. Nowadays we can hardly imagine how someone living in, let’s say Las Vegas, survives the summer without reliable air conditioning specialist for Las Vegas

Even though air conditioning is used to guarantee the temperature of indoor air, there are still some hidden influences it has to our everyday life and health

1.  A good air conditioner is literally a life saver

Have you ever wondered about how many pollens and fungi are living and spreading through the air you breath? In fact according to recent studies Air conditioning system helps exclude external allergens such as pollens. If the air conditioning system is installed properly and is well maintained, it renews and improves air. Minimizing the pollution factor by plasma cold, charging electric ions which kill bacteria, whereby eliminating 99% of particles and microbes with an electro plasma filter. For people suffering with dust allergies, this is a plus. Many people underestimate the pernicious effect that a too-hot, too-cold or frequently fluctuating temperature can have on their health. Being overly warm or cold can quickly use up a person’s energy, leaving them chronically fatigued and running down their immune system. There are also more serious conditions that can be helped by a good AC system. The risk of heatstroke and heat exhaustion shoot up for people cooped up in hot buildings on hot days. An AC system takes the edge off the hottest part of the day, and for vulnerable people this can be a literal lifesaver.

2.Air conditioning can counteract higher pollution

People living in communities where more homes have air conditioning are less likely to suffer ill effects of air pollution.

An air conditioning system maintains an air indoor quality  that provides a healthy and comfortable environment for people to live and work in. It:

  • Maintains humidity by humidifying or dehumidifying
  • Provides constant and adequate ventilation
  • Cleans the air by removing allergens and pollutants
  • Maintains a desired temperature by heating or cooling the air

Air conditioning helps circulate and filter indoor air, as well as maintaining the temperature. Most units contain a filter which removes pollutants and allergens from the air inside a room.

The filters also keep out insects and are far more effective than a screen in an open window. Insects are annoying but they can also be dangerous to people with allergies. A good air conditioning system can help keep indoor pets flea and tick free, as well. A lower temperature reduces the presence of insects and parasites making your home feel cleaner and hygienic.

3.Better Quality of Sleep

“Sleep plays a key role in every aspect of our health–everything from heart health, immune system function, weight regulation and mental health,” says Dr. Sujay Kansagra, director of Duke University’s Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program.

 Falling asleep at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal for our organism. Trying to sleep at a temperature within this range eliminates the need for your body to regulate its own temperature, because the air in the room is already in a perfectly cool condition.  Keeping the room too hot or too cold will force your body to stay awake trying to adjust itself to the less-than-ideal conditions. That’s why it’s important to crank up those air conditioners if you want to enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep.

Bonus: How to find reliable AC Specialist

If you are worried about the indoor air quality ,and you most likely are, check out some important tips to consider whenever looking for reliable specialists.

  1. Reviews- feel free to ask your friends, friends of friends and their friends.  It is alwasy better to ask hundred times and make the brilliant decision. Also check online reviews for your prefered contractor.
  2. Price tag- price is not always a guarantee of a good quality of the service. At this time almost every contractor for every industry offers a free estimate on your project. Feel free to contact multiple contractors, get and compare their offers.

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