Advantages of Buying Column Radiators


Buying a radiator is always a difficult problem. There are many types of different radiators on the market, and buying the wrong one could greatly impact your energy bills in the long run. As the name suggests, a radiator is responsible for transferring thermal energy. Hot water flows through the radiator first, and the heat is “radiated” from the device into the room, thus regulating the temperature within. However, the conventional radiator has fast gone out of fashion. It’s clunky and doesn’t look very appealing. It’s very difficult to fit the heater into the décor of the room.

However, one of the most stylish radiators that you can buy is a column radiator. Column radiators are available in plenty of different designs and colours, and several designers have contributed to their overall shape, too. Their columnar design makes it very easy to place the radiator anywhere in the room. There are many advantages to buying a column radiator. Here are a few:

They Perform Better

Most people don’t realize this, but performance is a key component that you need to consider when buying a radiator. A column radiator performs significantly better when compared to an ordinary heater. There’s a plausible reason for this: this radiator has a much greater surface area due to its columnar design. This allows for much greater convection as compared to ordinary panel radiators, thus radiating more heat in a much shorter span of time.


Nobody likes heavy, clunky radiators. One big advantage of buying a columnar radiator is the fact that they are extremely lightweight. Transporting a column radiator isn’t a problem at all. They are made using high quality, lightweight metals, which makes it very easy to manoeuvre. Amazingly, the light weight has no impact on the performance. In fact, the light weight actually makes the heating more efficient within a confined area.


In additional to all of the benefits that a column radiator provides, it is also a much cheaper option than a conventional radiator. The reason why they are so popular and in demand is just because of their efficient construction and design. These radiators don’t waste a lot of raw material and are an excellent choice for small rooms. Obviously, certain designer radiators are more expensive when compared to ordinary ones.


An ordinary radiator looks pretty ugly. The winding pipes and the clunky metallic design do not look appealing at all. Even if you are decorating the room, the radiator will give off a really bad vibe. However, a column radiator looks downright beautiful. They can be placed directly on the wall or placed on the floor. You won’t see any winding pipes, nor does the radiator make any clunky noises. Many interior designers have also worked on these radiators to improve the design. They are available in several different colours and can easily be integrated into the décor of virtually any room. With so many different options available, buying a column radiator is definitely the better choice.

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