Advantages of Laminate Over Carpet Flooring


Both of these options are cost-effective alternatives to some of the more expensive products on the market, they offer a range of benefits, but overall, laminate flooring comes out on top. Carpet has been one of the most popular flooring products for a long time, but with the advances in technology, consumers now have an incredible number of options. Here is why laminate flooring is a better choice.


Consumers want to know if their new floor will stand the test of time, they don’t want to invest in a floor that falls apart after a few short years, that’s why laminate flooring is so popular amongst Australian buyers. If you purchase high-quality laminate flooring in Perth or any other city in the country, you are guaranteed a product which will last for years, most of the time it will outlive its owner. There isn’t much difference between the life expectancy of a carpet in comparison to a laminate floor, but here is why the latter wins.

  1. Although they both may last for up to 15 years, carpet will deteriorate quicker, and it is a lot harder to maintain. Laminate flooring can be easily fixed by a competent DIYer, you can buy a replace tile from any flooring specialist in Perth and fit the item yourself, all you have to do is snap the tile back into place. A carpet needs a lot more attention, you’ll likely have to hire professional help to fix a damaged carpet.

  1. Laminate technology has changed dramatically in the last decade or so, the earlier problems have been eliminated and this products life cycle continues to increase. A top-quality laminate could last for well over the average 15 years seen in most carpets.

Repair, Installation or Renovation

It doesn’t matter which of the three you are doing, each one is easier with a laminate floor. A laminate flooring installation project can be fully completed in a day, a carpet fitting will take longer. In addition, if you’ve damaged your floor and you need to repair or replace a section, you won’t need to hire professional help. Cutting and fitting carpet is a lot more difficult, it requires special tools and an experienced carpenter.


Although both are easy to maintain, carpets have some additional problems. You can keep a laminate or carpet floor clean by regularly brushing or vacuuming the area, this will remove any dust or dirt which accumulates on the surface. But carpet tends to harbour other foreign compounds that can be bad for people who suffer allergies, the fibres can host dust mites and other insects which can set up home in your floor. You don’t suffer this issue with a laminate floor.

Both products unquestionably have their advantages, but on a whole, laminate flooring wins out. When we analyse each department, 90% of the time laminate flooring comes out on top, the only time they come close is when comparing price and you don’t just purchase a new floor based on cost. Laminate is more durable, more hygienic, and a lot easier to maintain.

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