Adding the Designer Touch to Your Home Renovations


An aesthetically pleasing home not only appeals to those who you might be entertaining, but it can also add to your own well-being. Adding a designer touch to your home allows you to surround yourself with a sense of order and peace rather than drowning you in chaos. We’re going to examine several ways to add the designer touch to your home renovations.

How do I add the designer touch to my living areas?

The living areas of your home need to be the beginning of adding the designer touch to your home. Designer means different things to different people. The key element in the designer touch is to arrive at a theme for the room and sticking to it with wall and floor covering, furniture and window treatments. There are as many themes as there are personalities, ask yourself a few questions about what is comfortable to you and your family:

  • Do we want to present ourselves as formal or casual?
  • Where are we most comfortable outside our home?
  • Are there hobbies or interests that can be reflected in our design?

What can I do in the kitchen to add the designer touch?

Kitchens should also carry a theme, but they can reflect the personality of the family’s more casual or formal side depending upon your preference. Some people will use the kitchen as a way to add a touch of humor or brightness to the home with the use of such themes as:

  • Sunflowers or Daisies
  • Cows or Pigs
  • Chickens or Ducks
  • Fruits and berries

Collections, displays and décor will all focus around those themes. Others choose a more elegant approach with a vineyard, a European bistro, an English castle or a Dutch cottage. The décor also tends to reflect whether preparing food is a gourmet experience or just getting it on the table.

Can I add the designer touch to my bathrooms?

Bathrooms are another place where people tend to add a touch of humor or brightness, because, let’s face it, we usually need that little boost when we’re getting ready for a stressful day at work or school or as a way to relax and unwind before going to bed. Bathrooms are ready rooms; places where we prepare to face the world. Why not surround yourself with décor that reminds you of who you are, where you draw your strength and what brings you peace?

Are there things I can do to add the designer touch to my bedrooms?

A bedroom should be your place to hide out from the world. Of all of the places in your home where you and your family need to thoroughly project your personality, the bedrooms are that place. Make use of themes and décor that reflect each individual’s hobbies and interests. Include sports, pastimes, collections, characters, hopes and dreams in the room of each individual or find a way to combine those interests of family members share a room.

The master bedroom ought to reflect the personality of the couple. Create a theme that reminds both members of the couple of a sanctuary. In fact, finding that place where the two of you are most at peace together could even strengthen your relationship.


The designer touch means different things to different people, so adding the designer touch will vary from one family to the next as well. The most important aspect of adding the designer touch to your home is creating a sense of order and grounding for you and the members of your family, making it easier for you to feel at home.

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