How to Add Wall Décor on Tall Walls


There are many ways in which you can make your tall walls look glamorous and perfect with some wall decor. Wall art is one of the best ways which can come in handy, when trying to work out some décor for your plain walls.

While it is a dream for may people to have houses whose ceilings are high up, the long walls that have to accompany the whole ceiling height often look unappealing, with some paint only to work as the consolation for their plainness. However, with wall art, you can beautifully adorn this wall with exquisite art pieces that bring the best of your attentions to an inspiring wall. Here are some of the techniques, lasting through ages, which can help warm your tall walls.

Make use of Vertical Artwork

Vertical artwork is a perfect combination that quintessentially distracts you from the high walls. Vertical artwork can be a single bold image or a large gallery wall. such pieces of artwork help a lot in connecting your walls with all the other interior sphere of your house, making it look richer and more inspiring.

Going for a mix in the height of various wall decor pieces will help bring value to your home.

Scaling up your Art

A small piece of art on a long broad wall seems like a lost beauty on a sterile wall of stone or brick. You can always go for a complementation of your walls by scaling up the décor that you adorn your house with. You can take to the idea of having large pieces of art that run horizontally across the wall. large pieces of art require a perfect synchronization to complement the real nature of what your home will look like.

Importance of Using Décor

Wall decor is important for your home, especially when the wall feels a little more bare. Tall walls are hard to complement with art, but it is important that you use art to make better changes that will accentuate the walls.

Creating a Centerpiece

Distraction is always a tactic that works perfectly in the presentation of beautiful art. With tall walls, you can use a centerpiece of art as your distraction from the rest of the wall. The trick in this technique is bringing in a piece of artwork that will draw the attention of the eyes from the rest of the wall to itself. If your wall is expansive, you can have more than one pieces of art strategically placed to draw the eyes.

Using Color

In whatever you use for your wall decor, whether canvas or frame photos, the perfect art is dependent on various choices that you make.

When using paintings that are traditional, or even when using a combination of photos and paintings, it is important that you bring color into the whole outlook. The best option is to pick a similar shade that is common for all the pieces of art that you have on your tall wall. Whether your common color is light blue or a natural green, a great base of color will match well with the resto of your whole room.

Incase you decide to use photographs that are on frames, you should opt for a collage made using a common black and white photo frame.

Whether its an office wall or a home wall that you are working on, accessories, decorations and colors are the best options that will help break the monotony of a plain wall. wall spaces can play a major role of creating a harmonious thee within you home or office. Find the options that complete the taste and look that you aspire to achieve.

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