A Video Communicator Will Make You House Safer


This is a particularly convenient situation for burglars who are just waiting to break into an unguarded building. Modern intercoms by 2N will provide you with the highest security both when you are at home and at work! Discover the innovative technologies used in devices by 2N!

Safety, comfort and convenience of use

Standard intercoms are device used mainly for audio communication. Old intercoms are known for their low sound quality. 2N has created the intercom of the future, thanks to which communication with guests at door has reached a new level. 2N intercoms are equipped with an HD camera which provides the highest quality of sound and video. Video communication has never been so convenient and comfortable. A modern intercom can significantly increase the security of your home. The camera installed in the intercom has a night mode, therefore your home will be protected even at night. If the camera detects any movement, a warning message will be played. If this does not scare off the intruders and they decide to get inside by force, the intercom will take a series of photos that will be immediately sent to your email. The intercom is connected to an emergency system that will notify the relevant security services. Modern technologies not only provide comfort and convenience of use, but also security at the highest possible level.

Useful solutions in a stylish device

Devices by 2N are known for their elegant design. As a result, they are not only practical, but also aesthetic. This means they will match any interiors decorated in a modern style. The answering unit has a large touch screen and runs on Android, so most smartphone users will find it intuitive and easy to use.

Statistics indicate that smart homes are becoming more and more popular, so it’s worth knowing which devices to choose. By selecting 2N products, you can be sure of the highest quality and safety. A smart home with devices by 2N will take over many tasks so that you have much more time to yourself.

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