A Step By Step Guide to RESNET HERS Rater Certification


Energy efficiency in modern society has become a major global issue with calls for innovations to reduce wastage. The intertwined issues of energy consumption and environmental conservation have dominated global debates for the last two decades. Homeowners are now required to facilitate home audits and ratings, in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Ideal Career Option

If you have been looking for an area of practice that offers limitless opportunities, energy auditing and rating is one field you should start considering. Homeowners are looking for ways to make their properties more energy efficient. To achieve this, they have to use professionals who will help them get the best standard rating.

Such designation qualifies them for incentives and other benefits and this in turn means your skills will be highly in demand. Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) has drawn technical standards used to provide ratings to new homes or modeling.

To offer these services, they use Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index.  If you are looking forward to becoming a HERS Rater, there is the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Home Energy Rating System Raters exam to tackle. You are also required to carry out two inspections in the field, overseen by a highly qualified trainer. Afterwards, you need to perform five provisional ratings, two of which must be overseen by a RESNET training provider.

Everblue Training LLC as Your Guiding Partner

There is no denying that the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) exam is tough, but with the right training partner you will be able to ace it comfortably. Everblue Training LLC offers you the prerequisite training for your exam and then you will also be able to complete your two field inspections under the able hands of these highly trained inspectors.

Well, it doesn’t end there because the training company also guides you through the intense process of HERS certification, which will now allow you to practice as a HERS Rater. This is a recognized quality assurance provider and rating provider who has to be approved. This specialist training provider allows you to gain invaluable skills while working with experienced inspectors at the company.

Such guidance when starting off your energy auditing career comes in handy because it ensures your work quality improves tremendously. There will be less trial and error which would lose homeowners’ trust.  As a HERS Rater, you will still require your ratings to be approved by a quality assurance provider and this company will provide free reviews to ensure your skill base grows even more.

Everblue Training LLC is an ideal training partner because it also offers online sessions which are ideal if you are to keep your Home Energy Rating System certification up to date. RESNET requires raters to complete 18 hours of continuous education every 3 years.  It’s ergonomically designed; ENERGY STAR Version 3 course enables you to conveniently and cheaply complete the required 18 hours continuing education to stay relevant in the industry.

Becoming a HERS Rater is one of the best decisions you have made. This is one of the most promising fields, because energy efficiency concerns are not going away any time soon. What’s more, you will be helping homeowners to implement techniques that will save them lots of money.

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