A perfect guide to purchasing your dream vacuum for hardwood floors


Searching the best vacuum for hardwood floors may seem like a never ending quest. It can be a huge pain as homeowners have a soft spot for hardwood floors. Any vacuum will not clean the hardwood floor in a perfect way. Home owners need a vacuum specifically designed for cleaning the hardwood floors. So, if you are looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors to get that gleaming, dust free and elegant look then you are at the right place to read more.  Here is the step by step guide to finding your dream vacuum machine that won’t harm the beautiful flooring and give you complete peace of mind.

  • Determine the type of vacuum  you need for hardwood floors:

Vacuum cleaners may seem alike, but then there are many differences which each model poses.  One vacuum model may be good for cleaning the thick carpet while another may be meant to clean small messes from the hardwood floors. For various household needs, you may consider a bare floor vacuum too.  Well, there is a lot of variety when it comes to vacuum cleaners and following are the features or characteristics of each style that you can ponder upon when choosing the ideal one for your hardwood flooring:

  1. Upright Vacuum: This vacuum can stand on its own when not in use. It is built in one solid piece and while using it you need to push the full weight of the appliance around. It’s tall and heavy when compared to others. However, the suction is very powerful and the handheld attachments offer great versatility. Depending on the type you desire you can get a good amount of filtration. Vacuuming pet hair will become easier with this feature. For exclusive hardwood floors the lift away section makes cleaning the house easy. The harsh bristles on the beater brushes or on the main vacuum head can scratch wooden floors.
  2. Canister Vacuum: A high-quality canister vacuum has a sucking head that connects to the mobile engine and filter via a long hose. It’s made of two pieces which include the head and the body. Thus, the user can move around the house easily. It is lightweight and as the engine is located low to the ground while you do your work it can be pulled along in a simple manner. However, it can be hectic to move the two pieces on the staircase. Canisters are perfect for hardwood floors as the head of the canister comes with interchangeable heads useful for diverse objectives and therefore you can avoid brushes which can harm the floor. It has accurate suction power designed precisely for hardwood floors.
  3. Stick Vacuum: It is a skinny upright vacuum which is lightweight and has a robust suction power. Different Stick Vacuum Model works with the help of batteries or comes corded. The drawback is there is no hose for reaching small or high places. Secondly, there are no extra heads. It is ideal for a compact home to clean frequent messes, but it is not good for heavy-duty cleanups or large homes.
  4. Handheld Vacuum: These are small and easy to carry.  The Handheld vacuum is a bare floor vacuum which is also known as the dust buster. These are battery powered and more portable. Sweep everything in one spot and then suck it up with this vacuum. The suction power is not strong and there are no separate attachments or an extendable hose. For cleaning long staircase, spot cleaning, touchups and cleaning small messes these are a viable option.
  5. Cordless vacuum: For cleaning a small space a cordless vacuum is perfect as it is lightweight and flexible. It can slide easily under the furniture to clean areas which other vacuums can’t reach. There is no mess of plugging and you simply grab the vacuum to finish quick cleaning tasks without any hurdle. The best cordless vacuums come with attachments and useful for cleaning the wooden floor, door frames, window sills, and walls.
  6. Robot vacuum: These are recent in the market and ideal for hardwood floors. It’s fun to watch these as they do all the cleaning work. The limitations are that these are more for maintenance rather than for deep cleaning. These vacuums are useful for cleaning pet hair, dust from tiles and laminate flooring.

The particulars of a vacuum which you should be interested in when purchasing the one for the hardwood flooring:

  • If scratching is a big issue then you need a vacuum with more padding and the one which has a rubber bottom. Thus, the plastic body of the vacuum won’t cause any damage to the floors.
  • If the floor has lines and deep grooves then you would need a model with high suction power. Usually, you would need low suction power for your hardwood floors if the floor doesn’t feature lines or deep grooves.
  • Choose a lighter machine to avoid falls and bumps. It also means there will be less or no wear and tear on the floors. Lastly, find a vacuum which has an extendable hose to reach all the areas of the floor and cleans efficiently.
  • If you have carpets and rugs on the hardwood floor then you need a vacuum which can manage all the tasks of cleaning properly.
  • Choose the one with versatile attachments. You need a vacuum with a large head that should not have a beater brush or there should be an option to turn it off as the beater brush can spoil the hardwood floor.
  • A good set of attachments will help in cleaning the edges and spaces flawlessly.

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