A List of Some Top Considerations to Remember before Buying a Steam Shower


Steam showers have proven to provide a variety of positive health effects and are now becoming more and more popular in residences and homes. Not only do they provide relief for aching joints and overworked muscles, steam showers also soothe the mind and allow you to relax in luxury. However, they aren’t often easy to install and may require some hardware upgrades in your bathroom as well. Here’s a list of top considerations to make before installing a steam shower in your bathroom:

Steam Shower

  1. Space. Because the bather is seated in an enclosure, the steam shower requires some more space than an ordinary shower. However, most bathrooms that can accommodate a bathtub can fit a steam shower as well.
  2. Waterproofing. Steam showers require a fixed enclosure that traps steam. However, steam can damage walls and other fixtures after prolonged exposure, which means that all walls, ceilings and floors in your bathroom need to be made of non-porous, waterproof materials like tiles.
  3. Safety. Since steam and electricity are a dangerous combination, extra care should be taken with lights, ventilation, or other electrical fixtures within the steam shower enclosure.
  4. Seating. For the comfort of the bather, a seat should be installed. When space is limited, this can be accomplished with a folding seat, whilst larger spaces can house a bench. The seat should be slightly sloped and built-in.
  5. Steam generators. The steam generators are usually placed some distance away from the steam shower, but the outlet should be six to 12 inches above the floor, away from the entry door, and opposite the seating area.
  6. Ceiling height. Ideally, the height of the ceiling should be eight feet – this allows for the steam to be concentrated within the area. Bathrooms with higher ceilings may require the installation of a steam generator that is stronger and produces more steam than conventional steam generators.
  7. Floor material. For your safety and the prevention of skidding or slipping, the floors should be equipped with anti-slip material as well.

Modular steam showers: a convenient option

Since steam showers can be difficult to install, steam shower providers have designed modular steam showers, which are prefabricated units that are easy to install in any bathroom large enough to accommodate a bathtub or shower area.

The convenience of the modular steam shower is easy to understand: the bathroom does not have to be refurnished with waterproof materials and a modular steam shower comes with all the required amenities and is placed in the bathroom as a self-contained unit. With a variety of different designs, colour schemes, fixtures, and features, the modular steam shower can be housed in any modern bathroom.

Thanks to modular steam showers, anybody can now enjoy the health benefits of a steam shower without the nuisance and burden of expensive remodelling – the modular steam shower provides luxury and convenience with no hassle – and all at a very good price.

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