A List of Essential Considerations when Looking for a Flat to Rent


First of all, you need to give yourself ample time to find the flat that’s right for you. You cannot leave looking for a flat until the last minute – as a matter of fact, in an ideal situation, you should start looking for a flat at least three months before the date you are set to move. The reason for this is that it takes time to look for a flat – whether you are doing it online or through recommendations, you will still have to check each flat that you are remotely interested in, and this entails effort as well.

But once you have given yourself enough time to look for a flat to rent, there are some specific considerations you also have to remember, apart from the flat’s features, number of rooms, or design.

flats to rent

The flat’s price and your budget

The very first thing you should do when you decide to look for the ideal flat to rent is to determine your rental budget. Make a detailed list of your expenses and income and see how much you can spare for the rental fee. Ideally, you should not be paying more than 20% of your overall income for your rent.

Once you have found out how much you can afford in rental fees, the next step is to look at flats within range of your budget. No matter how tempting it may be to just ‘look around’ at other flats that seem so nice or ideal, don’t waste any time with flats that have rental fees you could not afford. Be firm with your budget and check out only those flats that fall within it.

The cost of transportation

If you do not have a vehicle, the cost of transportation can make a big difference. For those without a vehicle, you should check the prospective flat’s proximity to modes of public transport. Although a flat may seem to have a reasonable price (and is located in a good neighbourhood, besides), if you have too far a walk to public transport hubs or if you have to call a taxi all the time, then you might end up wasting precious time or spending more every month.

The flat’s proximity to modern conveniences

When looking for the ideal flat, you also have to consider whether the flat’s location is really convenient for you, especially when it comes to proximity to your work, to various shopping areas or centres, to public transportation, and to other amenities like laundry services, day care, restaurants, and more. The good news is that there are many areas with some good flats to rent, such as Chelmsford. Chelmsford is a good location for anyone as it has a good number of shops and other modern amenities and conveniences. If you would like to find flats to rent in Chelmsford, you can always visit http://www.beresfordsgroup.co.uk/areaguides/3/Chelmsford for more information.

Neighbourhood safety

Another essential point to consider is the flat’s safety and the safety of the surrounding neighbourhood. Whilst it’s all well and good to make sure that the flat is secure (with a good locking system, alarms, private entrances, and the like), you also need to find out if the neighbourhood is safe enough. If you can, try to visit the flat not only during the day, but also during the evening to see what the situation is, if everything is quiet and peaceful, or if there seems to be a lot of noise, loiterers, and what-not.

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