A Guide to TV Placement for Great Viewing Experience


Enjoying great programming on TV or movies on disc can be even better with the proper placement of your TV. The following is a guide on how to get the right placement for your TV to ensure you get the most out of your leisure time viewing experience. You may also want to learn more about deals here to ensure you’re getting the best entertainment.

  • TV Level

Viewing angle is important when it comes to placement of TVs. Your TV should be placed at an eye-level. Imagine a line running horizontally across the center of your screen. Your head should be in line with this line when you’re seated on your sofa. This will ensure that you’re comfortable when watching TV and avoid straining your neck by bending it downward or upward to view the screen. This is especially important for those who like to catch TV marathons every now and then.

  • Dealing with the fireplace

Do you already have a fireplace and are looking for the perfect position for the TV? Most people will opt to place their TVs above the fireplace. This often forces you to view the TV at an angle with the screen facing slightly downward.

If you’re lucky enough to be remodeling while considering the placement of the TV, consider going for a narrow, smaller rectangular fireplace. This will allow you to place the TV above the fireplace and view it comfortably at eye level.

If your fireplace is large, then consider placing the TV to the side.

  • Distance

Growing up, we were always warned of various health risks associated with viewing TV screens too close. The good news is that technology has advanced and the dangerous waves emitted by old TVs are no longer an issue. Studies have also shown that viewing TV too close won’t cause you to go blind.

However, not getting the right distance for TV viewing may cause you to strain your eyes. Optimum TV viewing distance guides were developed to help with this problem.

If you haven’t purchased a TV, consider the size of the space you want to place it in first. Although most people would like to have a larger TV, it may be a strain on the eyes watching an extremely large TV in a small space. Consider the distance from the location of the TV to the seating.

A Guide to TV Placement for Great Viewing Experience

  • Windows

Consider the placement of your TV in relation to the windows in the room. Never place your TV opposite a window, especially if the window is a west facing one. This will result in glare. The changing light levels will also affect your viewing and may even cause you to strain your eyes.

You should also consider the window treatments. Ensure you use thick or more opaque window treatments on windows that are close to the TV. This will reduce the glare. It will also keep the nosy neighbors from having a peek at what you’re watching.

Consider the different locations in the room and find what works for you. Ensure that you’re comfortable so that you can enjoy your favorite shows.

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