A Guide to Masonry Repair


Many older UK properties were built with stone, which is ideal for the cold and harsh British climate we have, yet masonry does deteriorate over time, and moss growth can be a particular issue. Luckily, there is affordable masonry repair in Oldham and they would be happy to give you a free quotation on any masonry repairs that your home needs.

Types of Natural Stone

The stone masonry expert would have a list of stone that they work with, which would include:

  • Fletcher Bank – Medium to coarse grey millstone.
  • Stoke Hall – A fine to medium ground sandstone.
  • Bee’s – This is a fine grained sandstone that is red with dark veins running through it.
  • Moselden – A Yorkshire stone that is very popular, as it is a buff colour with dark veins.

Walled Stone

This comes with one side flat, making it ideal for attaching to walls, which can create a unique ambience, and with a wide range of colours, it makes for an ideal indoor feature.

Repair Options

In most cases, the surfaces can be cleaned with a high-pressure water jet, while other methods of restoration are also available, depending on the stone and its condition. Moss can be effectively removed from exterior walls, which transforms the look of the property, while getting rid of mold.

If your home was built with stone, ask your local stonemason to pop round and give you his professional opinion on the best way to restore the stone to its former glory, which will make your home look more attractive.

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