A guide to cork floor installation


The feeling of icy cold flooring under your feet when you wake up in the morning is definitely not pleasant and you would surely want to get rid of this. What is needed is some warmth and a cushion that makes you feel cozy and comfortable as you walk on the floor. Cork is a perfect option in such a case as it is durable, stylish and has the capability of turning any room into a cozy space. As compared to the traditional wood flooring cork is a lot easier to install. Nowadays, manufacturers make products which as in form of panels that can be fixed together without any adhesive or nails. Such floating floor systems can easily be installed over existing flooring too.

floor installation

Prepare your old floor well for cork

Before you install cork on the floor it is very important that you prepare your old flooring well. If there are any seams and depressions then fill them with cement based leveler. Make the surface perfectly smooth and once it is dry scrape the ridges and use a sandpaper to sand away the high spots. You must remember that any irregularities in the surface will show up and damage the cork. Use any popular How to lay cork flooring guide to know which products you can use.

Measure the room and apply adhesive on planks

Measure the room so that you know how many cork planks you need. If you are doing the installation on your own then you can apply the adhesive a night before. For cork flooring there are two types of adhesives namely, mastic and contact cement. Though, the vapors of adhesive are not very harmful but you can take the precautions by ensuring some ventilation.

Laying the tiles

When figuring out How to lay cork flooring the next step after application of adhesive is to lay the planks. Apply adhesive on the next quadrant that you have marked and butt the planks into the next one and push it in the adhesive. Make sure you align the planks properly because once they are laid you will not be able to move them as they will not budge. To properly mate the surface use a rubber mallet.

Finishing your cork floor

Use sandpaper to sand any high spots that might have come up. You can also use a wax polish and then buff the surface for the perfect finish. Traditionally, wax pastes were used for cork flooring and they give very pleasing results.

Laying cork flooring is easy and does not require a lot of expertise. You can easily do it yourself over a weekend and treat yourself and your family to the warmth and comfort of a cork floor. Before you set out to installing a cork floor make sure you know all the nuances about How to lay cork flooring calgary. Have the necessary tools at your disposal and make sure you get the best quality adhesive so that the planks mate together well.

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