A Fantastic Range of Roller Garage Doors


Both residential and commercial properties can benefit enormously from new roller shutter garage doors. Choose one to suit your requirements from reliable online manufacturers and suppliers soon via a handy online catalogue. Browse to see what’s available along with prices, styles and colours for a garage door that catches your eye. There’s a good selection consisting of:-

  • Aluminium insulated doors
  • Steel doors
  • Three phase and fire rated roller doors for external use

Customised garage doors

All doors can be customised to fit perfectly to go with the colour of your property, or if you would like galvanised roller shutter or insulated roller garage doors, this doesn’t present a problem either. Accessories and spares are also available to order should you need to repair or modify the door at a later date.

For any further home improvements why not take a look at the many blog sites via the internet? You can find out such a lot of useful information, tips and advice when reading about repairing glass windows, maintaining a pond, ways to prepare your home before selling, as well as roller garage doors.

Installation of roller garage doors

If you would like to install a new garage door yourself, there are clear and concise online instructions to follow for fitting:-

  1. Autotherm insulated garage doors
  2. Autoroll Plastisol garage doors
  3. Commercial roller shutter doors
  4. Remote controls

There are also instruction videos to follow along with pamphlets that explain the fitting process in easy to understand steps that are suitable for experts and first time DIY enthusiasts. Alternatively check out descriptive online blogs that are also easy to follow regarding installing garage doors, fitting door handles, locks and keeping your home well maintained.

Doors especially for the industrial market

Roller garage doors specifically designed for the industrial market are made from 77mm steel which has an insulated steel lath section 18mm. CFC-free insulating foam is used in these strong doors which keeps the interior of a garage, workshop or factory quiet and warm especially in the winter months. Make a statement for visitors with insulated garage doors at your place of work with their:-

  1. Fine appearance
  2. Range of colours
  3. Range of styles
  4. Variety of handles and closing mechanisms

A sleek, modern look

You simply can’t beat a sleek, modern look whether you order roller garage doors for your home or business property. There are many attractive finishes, made to measure options as well as remote controls so you can open and close the doors without getting out of your vehicle. Keep your car, possessions, work tools and any other bits or pieces you treasure safe and secure by installing insulated garage doors sooner rather than later.

Choose from a wood effect finish that adds a touch of rustic appeal, crisp white doors for a clean look or coloured steel for a more contemporary appearance. If you wish to have bespoke garage doors, just fill in an online form, send it off and a member of staff will get in touch with you by return.

Made to measure and affordable

Only the very best galvanised steel materials are used when manufacturing roller shutter doors.  This ensures durability while a powder coating helps guard against inclement weather conditions.  If you have a retail unit one of the most popular options are perforated roller shutter doors.  Affordable perforated roller shutter doors will allow customers to see goods on display after hours when your retail outlet is closed.  Don’t worry, they still offer a high level of security, even for the most expensive products.

Roller shutter door specialists can also provide installation if required.  Top quality manufactured steel insulated roller shutter doors are also ideal for factories as well as well warehouses.  These heavy duty doors have weather seals at the bottom, making them perfect for industrial and commercial use.  It’s easy to buy the right size roller shutter door especially with so much online information.  In addition to roller shutter doors, there are specialist websites with popular posts, archive reviews and up to date news on a variety of topics for instance:-

  • Types of services offered by locksmiths
  • How to buy the best quality products from specialist wallpaper stores
  • A guide for kitchen and bathroom home cleaning
  • Choosing the right worktops for your kitchen
  • The most essential tools for your garden
  • Additional home or business security devices

Whether you decide to buy roller shutter doors for your residential property, commercial building, industrial unit or retail outlet, it will definitely provide extra security.

Frequently asked questions

Naturally before parting with your hard-earned cash you are sure to have a number of questions that you would like to be answered such as:-

  1. Can you install a roller shutter security door for me?
  2. Do roller shutter security doors comply with European legislation?
  3. How easy are the doors to fit?
  4. How far away from the security door will the transmitter work?
  5. How do you open the door in the event of power failure?
  6. How much headroom do I need above the opening?
  7. Do the doors come with long-term warranties?

Whatever your question or query, garage door, roller shutter door, commercial roller shutters and fire related roller shutter door experts will be able to provide the answers.

Fire related roller shutters

Any type of property can benefit from fire related roller shutters.  They provide peace of mind for property owners, their buildings, stock, along with personnel in the event of a fire.  Doors also come complete with pre-wired controlled motors as well as auto reset solenoid release mechanisms that will activate from a signal from the fire alarm.

Online specialists can also offer fire control panels, smoke heads, heat detectors along with a polyester powder coating paint finish on all roller shutter doors.  When it comes to cost-effective fire related roller shutters, you really couldn’t make a wiser investment.

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