A Corner Bath in the Bathroom


Mini or maxi, island or corner on feet or traditional, to bubble or hydro-massage bath … did the bathroom. Dreaming of a corner bath to dress up your bathroom up to date and save space? It’s a great idea! Especially now found numerous design that perfectly adapt to all styles and all spaces.

A corner bath in the bathroom

The bath centerpiece

The bathroom is a key area of ​​our daily life. Now part of the habitat priorities, it must not only be practical, functional, aesthetic, but also a source of well-being and relaxation. What’s better than the pleasure of a relaxing bath?

In a bathroom, the tub is the centerpiece. Centerpiece of the bathroom, the bath plays a role in general appearance. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, and its decor is classic, rustic or contemporary side, you will always find something on the market that please. Indeed, both from a practical point of view, aesthetic or decorative bathtubs are available today in the shapes, colors, sizes and various materials. And thanks to the originality of the current models, it is easy to make the bathroom a universe that suits us.

Corner bath: an elegant space saving

Often the bathroom is a small room shared by many people and where things should go quickly. To prevent users walk over, so it is essential that it is well organized and equipped.

To save space and organize space, corner bath is an ideal solution. As the name suggests, this type of tub is installed in a corner of the bathroom. Whether large or small, the angles baths can fit into all kinds of spaces and offers an undeniable save space. In addition, corner tubs are elegant and stylish. Nothing better to put a bathroom up to date!

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