9 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom


In each and every room that you have, there is always a way to make more space. You can make more space by either cleaning up or removing those items that are not needed. If we talk about bedroom spacing, most of the space is taken up by the bed. Below we are providing you with some ways to maximize space in your bedroom.

  1. Reduce the size of the bed

Most of the people have huge beds in their bedroom which take up a lot of space which is not even required. In order to maximize space in your bedroom, you could help it by decreasing the size of your bed.

  1. Remove big sized furniture

You can avoid putting huge cupboards and instead look for the option of built in wardrobes. Apart from that, there is no need of cloth dresses and if you will remove them, you will notice the amount of space available as well as the natural light pouring in.

  1. Make use of a futon

If you bedroom is really small, you should use a furniture which is multifunctional. For instance, if you use a futon bed or a futon sofa, it will save up a lot of space and maximize your space as well.

  1. Arrange your closet

Your closets should be vertical in shape and everything should be stored inside the closets so that there is no clutter outside. You should try putting everything inside the closet even in the kids room. If all the clutter is lying outside, your bedroom will never look spacious instead it will always look dirty.

  1. Use Sofa Cum Bed

Instead of a three-seater sofa, you can go for a sofa cum bed. Not only are sofa cum beds comfortable, but they can help to turn a small bedroom in to a den. When you want to sleep, you can turn the sofa cum bed to a bed shape and then change the shape back again the next morning. This will maximize up a lot of space.

You could try getting  Emily Futon DHP Sofa Bed which is available easily.. This is a modern mattress which will look good in your bedroom. Cleaning of this sofa is extremely easy and it is comfortable as well as durable.

  1. Use option for storage on walls

Instead of keeping multiple cabinets on the floor, you can try going for storage furniture units up on the wall. In them, you can not only store your stuff but this way the space in your bedroom will also be maximized.

  1. Get a Murphy Bed in Your Bedroom

Murphy beds come right out from the wall and save up a lot of space in your bedroom and provide with a lot of space on the floor.

  1. Always Get multifunctional Furniture

If your bedroom is small, you should buy such a bed that has drawers below it as well as a bookshelf. Even if you take a big bed, ensure that there is a lot of storage stuff inside it so that you can put inside a lot of stuff.

  1. Don’t only use the bedroom, but other rooms as well

It is not necessary that you only use your bedroom to store all things specially if your bedroom is already small. Seasonal clothing should specially be stored either in the cupboards outside or else in the hall closet. If you will put everything inside the bedroom, then it will look smaller than it already is!


Well, so these were the 10 ways that you could use in order to maximize space in your small bedroom. You do not need to worry if your bedroom is quite small or take tension. These ideas will help you immensely to turn your bedroom to be in much better position than it already was.

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