9 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Architect and painting contractor


Planning is an essential part of every kind of work. If you have done prior planning there is a lesser chance of you regretting later. Though painting itself is not a very expensive task the condition lies on your contractor if you get a good professional contractor the task will be done in a very less time with good results. Same is the situation for an architect. Here are things you should need to analyse before finalizing an architect or painting contractor.


The contractor must have the business liability and workmen’s compensation insurance so that you may not get into trouble and can get compensation if the contractor damages your property.

The major man:

If you are hiring a solo man as an architect then he will be doing the work directly but if you choose some contractor you must enquire about which person will actually be doing your work and how good he is at doing it.

Management Services:

You should be aware of the services your architect will provide you. Most architects recommend a contractor and oversee the project while the work is being done. The even get lien waivers to avoid claims on your property by other people. But these offers are not made by every architect and thus needs to be asked about.


An architect won’t work inside your home for a long time but men of the painting contractor will. You need to make sure that those men can be trusted since they will be in your house with your belongings. There has been instances where workers like these have looted their employee and in extreme cases killed them. The contractor should give a guarantee that a background check for criminal activity has been done.


It is your right to ask your contractor as to which product or material he will be using. Paint gallon ranges from 5$ to 50$ and have differences in the durability or the quality. Know your budget and talk about this stuff so that you might not regret later.


Ask your contractor how the people working under him are trained. If there is formal training there is better chance of the work going smoothly.


The architects mostly charge as the percentage of the entire project. Now that percentage can range from 5-20%. You can settle with him as to when the payments have to be made and how much. Do this before the project starts so that work can go on without hindrance.

3-d Diagrams:

It is better to get a 3D rather than a 2D picture of how your house will look. 3D is more elaborate and gives a better picture. Thus, ask your architect to sign only when he is ready to give you a 3D image rather than a 2D image.


It’s always better to get reviews about both the architect and the contractor from people who have already used their services. The more reviews you receive the more assurance you will have leading to a better result. Ecopainting Inc are one of the best service providers and for any help you need to contact them.

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