9 Brilliant Lifehacks For Your Tiny Closet


Tiny Closet? We feel you. Tips like “downsize your stuff” and “stop buying things” is one way to go, but before you get too glum, there are other options! Conquer your storage sore spot with these brilliant lifehacks for your tiny closet:

hanging boot rack

  1. Double Up

Adding a second closet rod will instantly double the amount of usable space. Install your second rod about 3 feet off the floor to create a second layer for shirts and skirts or, for a simple hack, hang a length of tube (try PVC pipe from your local hardware store) from your existing rack using a length of rope.

  1. Don’t Be Left Hanging

Why put one piece of clothing on a hanger when you can put two or more. Hang multiple garments in one spot with hanger doublers. Use a soda can tab looped over your first hanger to create a spot to hang a second hanger. Or try using a length of chain hung with an ‘S’ hook. This trick will allow you to hang multiple hangers vertically along the length of chain.

  1. Instant Walk-In

There is tons of space to be carved out under the bed. Getting linens or out-of-season clothing into under-bed storage bins will certainly relieve some of the pressure on your tiny closet but for a dramatic increase loft your bed to create a walk-in closet size space underneath. Hang some curtains around your lofted bed or pick up a Chinese folding screen and voila – instant walk-in closet. Your girlfriends will be green with envy.

  1. Hanging Boot Rack

A hanging boot rack will corral multiple pairs of boots into a slim vertical space. It will keep your riders and cowboy boots up off the floor, making room for other things, while also protecting them from the wear and tear of poor storage.

  1. Door to Door

The back of the door is a fantastic spot to carve out some extra storage. Adding a few hooks is a no-brainer, but also try a towel rod to loop scarves over or a peg-board for jewelry and other small items. Catch-all baskets screwed to the back of your closet door can hold purses and hats.

  1. Put an End To Shelf Hatred

Closet shelves can get out of hand with unruly stacks of T-shirts and rammed-up sweater balls spilling onto each other. Shelf dividers will make quick work of these disorganized piles. No shelf dividers on hand? Use book ends.

  1. Don’t let It Slip

Nothing junks up a closet faster then clothes sliding off hangers onto the floor. A beautiful set of matching felt hangers will put an end to that slippery slope but you can also DIY your own hangers to get the job done. An elastic band, pipe cleaner or a little zig-zag of hot glue at each end of your hangers will keep your clothes in place.

  1. Drawer Hacks

To keep your drawers from driving you crazy use drawer organizers like the ones you use in your kitchen. Use the store-bought versions or cut short lengths of PVC pipe to make great little cubbies for socks and undies. Shoe boxes inside drawers also let you keep things separated by category so you can find what you want when you want it.

  1. Let There Be Light

Add some little LED lights to brighten up a dark closet. They’re battery powered so you don’t need an electrician to install them, and they come in clickable or motion detecting versions. Now you won’t be grasping in the dark to tell the difference between your little black dress and your black motorcycle jacket.


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