8 Decorating Tips to Add New Life and Vigour to Your Home Interior


Like everything else, your home interior also needs periodical sprucing. However, many people avoid it because they deem it as a project requiring too much of time and money. Well, we are here to tell you that this is not true and you can enhance your home interior conveniently and affordably with these 8 Decorating Tips to Add New Life and Vigour to Your Home Interior.


1          Replace old lampshades

In fact, it’s so simple that you won’t believe it to be of some significant impact unless you replace old lampshades in your home with new ones having contemporary shapes, or you might simply bring in totally fresh white shades.

2          Update window dressings

Almost just as simple (but impactful) as replacing old lampshades is updating old window dressings in your home. All you would need to do is visit your nearest IKEA or some other locally famed home store offering reams of readymade draperies, which can then be hemmed to an appropriate size. Or if you prefer, you might leave them to puddle on floors. You can even make your own if you want to save some more and bring in your DIY skills. To make them look even better, new and attractive curtain rods can be used to hang them.

3          Repaint

Though it might take a bit more effort and time than you would expect initially, but once done rightly, it has the potential to literally transform the whole look of your home. And if you find yourself really short on time as well as cash, you can still make it by introducing a focal wall (by just painting that one wall in the room) in a room. There are some other simple ideas as well to tweak with paint. You can repaint a rectangular space over the sofa, turning it into a “gallery space”. Or you might consider painting the bookshelves from inside with an accent colour. The choice is yours, depending upon the time and effort (and a little money too!) you want to put into bettering your home interior.

4          Trim down 

Another tested and proven way to give your home a facelift is to trim down anything that’s in excess. The truth is that majority of human beings have the tendency to piling up stuff, most of which loses it significance and utility after sometime, but it’s still there filling the space up in your home. This can very well turn your (once-spacious) living room into a space-starved living space. So, you better trim down by keeping what’s most essential and practically needed in there, instead of stuffing the room with whatever catches your eye.

5          Spin around the paintings and other accessories

Taking down all your accessories (including paintings and portraits) and rearranging them doesn’t sound like much of a job, especially if it results in refreshing the look of all rooms. You can change the hanging arrangement of pictures as well; for example, if your bedroom wall had them hung vertically earlier, you might choose horizontal arrangement now.

6          Introduce chandeliers

Another way of refreshing your home interior is by introducing chandeliers in place of aging overhead lighting fixtures in your home. Again, don’t go for too expensive stuff and keep yourself to box store (or thrift store) alternatives.

7          Get “Rugged”

Many carpet stores nowadays offer remnants of their high quality carpets in throwaway prices. You might add one to any room(s) and enjoy the freshness and suaveness it incorporates into the room ambiance.

8          Transform plain walls

Luckily, many box stores also offer inexpensive frame mouldings, which can be used to give a quick transformation to plain walls or hallways in your home. Painting the mouldings with a contrasting hue adds more fun and colour to the room interior.


The best thing about trying these 8 simple but effective tips to transform the look of your home is that neither your pocket is burdened too much, nor your time is consumed overly. So, give them a try and earn praise and satisfaction for your endeavour.

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