8 Awesome tips for cleaning and Painting Aluminum Sidings


Cracks are never good for anything, if the aluminum sidings in your home are a victim of cracks then you need to get it re-painted or get it cleaned. Now, getting things painted is not such a difficult task but for every task you do there is always a way through which you can do it better. And when there is a chance of doing things in a more efficient way who wouldn’t want that? Here you will be provided with awesome tricks that will help the paint you do last longer and turn out way better. Aluminum siding Crystal Lake is what will make your sidings the best.

Seasons matter:

As absurd as this sounds it is true. Paints require an adequate time to dry out and if there is too much humidity or the weather is warm it will be delayed. If the season of the winds is going on, the paint will dry up too quickly. This will not let the paint bound nicely with the sidings. To achieve the best bonding make sure the weather is overcast like the one in fall.

Power Washer:

If you had to google on what this is then it is binding that you don’t use it to clean the dust before painting the sidings. If you are a professional you probably know these tricks by heart and know that if the washer isn’t used correctly the water gets behind the sidings and cause leak in the house. A better option is to use a detergent and sponge.


One effective way to get the sidings rid of any previous paint or dirt is to get sanding done. This removes the dirt and also the chipped paint. The siding appear as new and ready to be painted.

Latex Primer?

Oil based paint should be preferred over the latex based paint. Since the latex primer has a component called ammonia which bubbles when comes in contact with the metal. The reaction also releases dangerous gases.

Don’t be a Miser:

When it comes to finishing don’t become a miser. Use the best acrylic latex paints that are available. These paints increase the durability. The better the resin content in the acrylic paint the longer it will last. You can use low shiner to make it look like factory-made. This all should be done if you wish not to re-paint the sidings in the near future.


Another strategy you can use is of cleaning the siding to remove the chalk build-up. Cleaning can also be essential to remove the dirt on the sliding that makes painting difficult. The siding can also be cleaned with trisodium phosphate (TSP).

Plants nearby:

Now that you are cleaning the siding it is important to protect the area nearby. The plants can be protected by placing a cloth on them so that all the chemicals that are being sprayed do not destroy the plants.

Right equipment:

It is not right to start using an equipment when you have to an important task. Don’t practice on something that worthy. Use the equipment you are familiar with so that things don’t turn up bad.

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