8 Amazing Ideas To Arrange Your Patio Furniture


Summers mean lemonade, iced tea, fruity spritzers, mocktails, and cocktails. Enjoying the drinks this summer while seated on the garden furniture in your backyard can break the usual monotony. Comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture is really a must if you want to make the most of your garden this summer. Now, it’s the ideal time to be getting your outdoor spaces ready for some use during the summer months. Irrespective of whether your outdoor living space is a lawn, patio, balcony, porch or a deck, you can make more use of them if they are inviting and comfortable.

Arranging your designer furniture is a pretty important task to make your patio lively and refreshing. So, here are top 8 ideas to organise the modern outdoor furniture.

Decide on a Focal Point

A focal point for your outdoor space is a must which would serve as the heart of your modern furniture arrangement. Focal points are where the family usually gathers and it can bring a lively energy to your backyard.

Purpose for Your Patio

Modern outdoor furniture comes in both symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements. Asymmetrical is when both sides of an area are positioned unevenly. Symmetrical is when both sides of a scene or area are equal. Asymmetrical arrangements can give a bit of a quirky, casual touch but you can decide which one is right for you.

Design Your Patio like a Traffic Conductor

Now that you have your attractive designer furniture on your outdoor patio, you would definitely not want congestion. To make sure your guests don’t have to walk through a congested area, design a clear cut and unobstructed path that leads to the entrance and exit. “Excuse me” is what you never want to hear from your guests, and therefore, arranging your sofas that lead the visitors around the main seating space rather than through it, is convenient.

Arrangement of Outdoor Furniture

SInce they are the longest piece of your garden furniture set, three-seat sofas should be placed along the longest wall to catch attention.  A few ‘pull up’ chairs will surely engage guests into amusing conversations.

Making it Feel Like Home

Develop that ‘heaven-like’ ambience in your patio by arranging the garden furniture in such a way that gives you a feeling that you are at home. Additional outdoor pieces like coffee tables, end tables, and side tables provide a place for snacks, tea, coffee, and drinks.

Separate the Outdoor Kitchen

Dining areas should be kept at a distance from the outdoor kitchen. The safety issue includes the grill, fire-pits, and brick-oven that should be maintained child-proof! Teak furniture proves a stable, low-maintenance and pleasing investment for an outdoor dining set. Teak is a naturally oiled wood (does not dry up unlike other woods) makes a great combination with all weather wicker when used outdoors.

Divide and Conquer

Having multiple entertainment sections rather than having just one large open space creates a functional and a dynamic living space in your garden. Designer chairs or an outdoor fireplace makes the outdoor living are quite lively. You conquer boredom by dividing the patio into smaller sections.

Accessorise and Organise

Accessorising your patio area with rugs, throw pillows, greenery, and the perfect amount of lighting gives a lovely look.  A wooden Adirondack-style chair gives a thoroughly contemporary feel in a red finish to your contemporary furniture. A cushion storage box is a must to free up space as well as to protect the cushions when they are not in use. The right amount of outdoor lighting will provide beautiful ambience. Light up your walls with wall-mounted sconces, or string lights, or wine bottle lighting. Affix the ceiling with pendant lighting. Brighten up your garden with solar-powered LED staircase patio lighting. Don’t forget candles and lanterns for the table top.

These are just a few of the many ideas that one can follow for outdoor furniture arrangements. With the weather warming up, it’s time to get decorating outside!

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