7 Water and fire Damage Restoration Tips


Damage is something you can’t really stop in case of a huge fire or some water calamity. Damage can be limited in the case where the cause is artificial like a water leak. In either of the cases you will have to get the damage control done. You can either hire people to do the services for you or get things done by yourself. You can even do a little restoration by yourself and then call the professionals to take it from there. You might need help to get the process started and thus here are a few tips that can help you with that.


For water damage restoration the first and the most important thing you should do is to get the area dried. This will only be possible if the area is properly ventilated. To get this done open all the windows and doors leading to the area that is wet. The drying can be done even better if you turn on the air-conditioning for summer season. If the season is of winter then heating will be your best bet along with the open windows. In case of a fire you need to get all the smoke out thus keep all the windows and doors open.


All the electronics need to be removed from the area. Remove the computer from the location to a dryer area where you can blow dry the system to make sure any drops are evaporated and damage is minimal. The rest items such as the lamps and the telephone should also be removed from these areas. Do not try turning the wet components on since these can cause short circuits as well as this can damage the component itself and no matter how much further drying you do it won’t work well. Dry it before using it or even testing it. If there is a possibility that the item could become wet it will be clever to dry it.

Electrical lines:

There is a high probability of the damaging of the electrical lines from within. This can be the case for either fire or water. During the restoration process do not plug into any sockets since a damage inside could cause an electrical mishap. First get an electrician to fix these lines then you can use them.


One consideration that needs to be done is that the food that was left exposed should be disposed of immediately. In either of the above cases the food will be contaminated and should not be consumed.


There is a slight chance of the furniture surviving a fire attack. Whatever is left should be tested for additional damage and for dangerous substances. If it passes the test you can keep it. For water issues remove the furniture as soon as possible. Water Mold Fire Restoration is almost always necessary.

Drawers and chests:

The cupboards and drawers should be drained separately after a water incident. Dry every part of the drawer.  


If you are entering your house where the fire made damage you must wear masks while entering so that you can avoid inhaling any harmful gases and the smoke. If you are a patient who constantly gets asthma attacks do not enter that house until it is completely safe.

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