7 Tips for Unclogging Your Linear Shower Drain


Blockage of any kind is irritating. And when you have clogging in your linear shower drain, you know how difficult it gets. But worry not, every problem has a solution. You have a problem we are here to provide you with a solution. Actually not just a solution but 7 tips to get rid of clogging in you shower drain.

Boiling Water:
One of the ways is to pour boiling water down the drain. When you do so the blockage might clear up if it is due to clog being stuck due to combination with soap, grease or shampoo if not the boiling water may lead to the loosening of clog but for the complete removal of blockage other methods need to be used.

How efficient the use of plunger will be is entirely dependent on the type of drain, the nature of blockage and where in the drain the clog resides. To get rid of the clog you need to get the area around the drain wet and fit the plunger in the drain and take it out. This needs to be done multiple times. To increase the grip the plunger can be coated with petroleum jelly. This method is though not 100% successful it is a good way to check because if the shower gets fixed by this money and time is saved.

“Natural” Chemicals:
What is meant by natural chemicals? These are the natural alternatives to the harmful chemicals. With the use baking soda and vinegar you can get rid of the clog. Pour a cup of baking soda in the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Let it stay for some time. Next pour boiling water. This will make sure to dissolve the clog and the boiling water will be like the cherry on the top to get rid of the clog. There have been instances where the hair remain stuck and come near the surface these can later be taken out using fingers

Be creative and fish for the clog. Use wire or a wire hanger and force it into being a hook and then using the hook get the clog out of the drain.

Hand Snake:
Another cool way of getting rid of the clog is using a hand snake also known as the Plumbers’ snake. This consists of a wire extending from one of the two handles present. It is easily available in a hardware store. Push the wire down the drain if it gets stuck you know you have reached the clog turn the handles such that it revolve in clockwise direction. And while doing so pull out the wire and the clog will accompany.

It is the quickest way to get rid of the clog but regular use of chemicals can cause damaging of the pipes and also the fumes could harm you. Take very good care while using chemicals and follow the instructions written on the bottle. And try best to use this as your last resort.

Hand it to the Pro:
Now that you might have tried something or are too lazy to do so you have a good option of letting the pros handle it. Call a plumber and have your worries taken away.

You can also use an ECT Linear Shower Drain and get the drain fixed in a matter of minutes. Hope the information helped. Have fun with an unclogged shower drain.

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