7 tips for getting energy efficient replacement windows


A good home is the one which is properly ventilated with nice, cozy views available by just sitting in the lounge and watching out of the windows. The windows are the heart of the house. With time the use of the windows have evolved. The windows were a mere means of looking out for a good view but now that the temperature of the world is changing drastically measures must be taken to counter it in a way that the resources are not exhausted. The best solution is to get energy efficient windows in place of the old ones. Here are a few tips you can work on to get a better temperature in your house.


The zone is the divisions made to get the knowledge of the climate of the particular area. You must know your zone to get the right window. There is a designated U-Factor and SHGC value for each of the zone. The U-Factor gives the insulating value for the entire window. The value is inversely proportional to the insulation it gives that is the lower the value of U-Factor is the better insulation it will provide. SHGC is the solar hear gain coefficient. This gives the amount of solar hear that is allowed to pass through the glass. With the right combination of these digits you can have a window that will make your winters warmer and your summers cooler.


It is always important to check the specifications of the material you are to buy. In this case when you are to buy a replacement window first go through its specifications on the website and check if the product is certified energy efficient purposes. The advantages these windows offer include the low cost, reduction in the use of the resources and these windows are also more comfortable since they maintain a good temperature in the house.


It is always the details that add perfection. Get into the technical details of the window and choose the right glazing, know which frame construction will be better for the area you live in and the degree of insulation you want. If you know more technical stuff better results can be achieved.

Around the window:

Just replacing the window will be enough if you already have a well-maintained area surrounding the window. The insulation must be top-notch around the window with proper flashing.


This may sound a bit vague but research is always the key. Research gets you to know about even better options. Another term you should be looking at is the Scelta Windows which can do wonders for your home.

Color scheme:

Do not be involved in the energy analysis so much that you buy something that doesn’t go with your color scheme. Take time to make a decision because you might not be making these changes regularly.


There are many varieties in the energy efficient domain too. Look at all the available options before picking one. Scelta Windows in Tulsa is one trending window option you can look at and get those installed.

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